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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Purdue

Purdon’t get your hopes up.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

It’s truly exhausting having to write five reasons Nebraska will lose when there’s a pretty good chance Nebraska will lose. It will be refreshing, whenever that is, to write these and be excited for the weekend. Right now, I truly don’t think Nebraska will win another game this year.

I hope I’m wrong.

Nebraska Isn’t Tough

Scott Frost mentioned this in his post-game press conference after Nebraska lost to Indiana. All the players aren’t tough enough, and that means Nebraska is “just ok.” Frost doesn’t want “just ok” he wants great, just like the rest of Husker Nation.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something Frost can teach overnight. Apparently, it’s not something that can be taught in two years either. Not being tough enough might be the worst problem a football team could ever have. Sucking while trying hard every play>>>> Sucking while not giving a shit.

Nebraska is Playing on the Road

One win in the last two seasons away from home. Before that? Nebraska at Purdue in 2017. That game should’ve been a HUGE L for Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska is going back to Purdue so maybe that’s lucky. Who knows.

What we do know is that Nebraska is awful on the road. They can’t seem to finish games and the stupid mistakes seem to be amplified. I don’t foresee the game being like Minnesota a few weeks back, but I definitely don’t expect a win.

Nebraska Doesn’t Have a Defense

We knew when Scott Frost hired Erik Chinander that the philosophy for the defense was going to be “bend but don’t break” and force turnovers. The issue is when the defense doesn’t force turnovers and they don’t know what the definition of bend is.

There are other issues besides the philosophy/scheme, but it all boils down to coaching.

Rondale Moore Will Probably Play (With Nebraska’s Luck)

Rondale Moore hasn’t been ruled out, and there’s been no confirmation he will play. With Nebraska’s luck, he will definitely play.

Melvin Gordon broke the rushing record in 2014 against Nebraska, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Moore broke the receiving record.

Nebraska Is Just Ok

Frost was right. Nebraska is just ok, and “ok” won’t win games on the road.