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FanPulse Week 9: LSU Takes Over the Top Spot

Two Big Ten teams are in the hunt for playoff spots

NCAA Football: Auburn at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

There is a new #1 in the SBNation FanPulse fan poll this week! The Tigers of LSU swapped places (from last week) with conference foe Alabama to claim the top spot. The Buckeyes remain at #3 and Clemson #4 (both unchanged from last week.)

Penn State took advantage of Oklahoma’s loss to K-State to move up a spot to #5 and within striking distance of the playoff. Penn State beat Michigan by a touchdown. For some reason, K-State didn’t appear on the FanPulse ballots, but I suspect they might have snuck into the polls if they had.

Minnesota moved to 8-0 on the season and to #13 after pounding a hapless Maryland team. The Gophers are the third highest ranked Big Ten team in the FanPulse poll. Next up is Michigan at #18, who continues to do just enough to stay in the polls. Wisconsin follows the Wolverines at #19 and Iowa at #25.

Also receiving votes:

  • Virginia Tech
  • Navy
  • Texas
  • UCF
  • Indiana

Fan Confidence

Husker fans say “yes” they are confident in the direction of the program at an 82.8% clip. This is down from the 90% last week but up considerably after the beating by the Gophers.

Some of Nebraska’s conference foes don’t share the same level of confidence.

  • Iowa - 70.7% confident
  • Maryland 26.1% confident
  • Michigan State 15% confident

Ohio State, Indiana and Minnesota currently have fans that are 100% confident in the direction of the program while Penn State sits at 98%

Biggest Surprise

When asked what the biggest surprise of the weekend was, fans answered:

  • Kansas State upsetting Oklahoma - 57.8%
  • Michigan demolishing Notre Dame - 28.5%
  • Texas Tech/Kansas ending - 6.1%
  • Rutgers winning a game - 3.8%
  • TCU upsetting Texas - 2.6%
  • UConn winning a game - 1.4%

So, what do you see in the poll or the rest of the questions? What did the fans get right? What did they get wrong?