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The Morning After: The Carpenters Were The Greatest Band In History

It’s true. And like today, it’s full of pain.

Indiana v Nebraska
This is an awesome photo.
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nate is out. He had a wedding to go to. He might be dead. A guy that goes to a wedding on a gameday is dead to me. At least for a week. He said, as he left on the plane, ‘will someone please take over “The Morning After” article for me’, grabbing desperately at me and Ranchbabe, “Please....”.

He said this as he died to me because he loves you. He understands that you fuckers in our community, who should be going to church and praying for our Beloved Huskers, are sitting there instead asking for explanations.

It goes back to the 70s. Yes, even for you fucks who are thinking “were my parents even born in the 70s? Were there dinosaurs in the 70s? My parents laugh about Barney Miller. I never see memes about that.” And you are confused. Confused. I get it.

Here, just go with me on this swirly river of poop that is this season.


That song got famous because of the movie “Poseidon Adventure”, which wasn’t bad, then. Any movie that featured Earnest Borgnine, Gene Hackman, and Shelly Winters together would not suck.

Here’s more info on the Poseidon Adventure:

The 1970s decade was mostly shit for music, at least most of the music that’s played on the radio, touted as “70s music”. It was a decade of disco, a horrid thing, and stayed that way until around 1977 when the Sex Pistols released “Never Mind the Bullocks”. Things got better. The Clash released “London Calling” in 1979 and it was like a great release. Many of us who listened found a new way forward and left disco behind.

Oh, wait.

There was one thing great about the 70s.

The Carpenters. Possibly the greatest band ever.

It wasn’t just that they existed. It’s that they influenced this. Karen Carpenter died of anorexia.

Don’t be sad - the band doesn’t sound that bad. And I remember, Mom, what you said. You said, “Honey, you look so underfed.”

Perhaps when you listen, you hear noise. I hear life.

If that’s too much for you, there’s this:

It’s from a compilation of bands who did Carpenter Songs. I played that album for my kids when they were young. Like three years old. I never understood this idea you should play “kids music” because most of it is absolute shit. You should play your kids good music, music you want to listen to. Maybe not metal. Maybe not punk or Pink Floyd. But decent music. That’s the Carpenters.

Sheryl Crow did a cover.

That’s my parenting advice for you.

You probably came here to find out what’s going on in the world in relation to Nebraska football.


Here’s a photo of a bunny for transition:

A ferret stands in a rabbit’s burrow close to the village of... Photo by John Milner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Let’s Start

Steven M. Sipple: Asking Nebraska fans for patience gets harder after this sort of display | Football |

This game was a bad look for Nebraska in too many ways. Not in all ways, mind you, but in too many. Indiana prevailed 38-31 on Saturday at Memorial Stadium largely because the Huskers made too many sloppy mistakes and not nearly enough big plays when needed. In the end, as the sun set on a gorgeous afternoon, you saw a lot of Big Red fans with stern faces. A crowd of 89,317 was eerily quiet.

“This Sort of Display” is only valid if you think that Nebraska is a better team. Nebraska is NOT a better team than Indiana.

'Just OK' is not OK for Frost, who laments Huskers' mistakes, sloppiness in home loss to Indiana | Football |

“Guys weren’t dialed in enough and (senior defensive tackle and captain Darrion Daniels) had to stop everybody and yell at them,” Frost said. “That’s a guy that’s been here for six months.

“When there’s not enough attention to detail, not enough guys that care enough to do things perfect, then those mistakes show up on the field.”

Keyword: LAMENTS

The headline writer could have gone for “says” or “states” or “poops on” but instead chose “LAMENTS”.


“Laments” brings emotions. You must click on it because the emotional part of your brain feels.

Chatelain: Adorned in revered black jerseys, Husker defense instead exhibits lack of morale | Plus |

You can wear your black jerseys and T-shirts. Play your blood-pumping music and highlights of Ndamukong Suh and Grant Wistrom. Throw the bones till your forearms ache.

Lee Barfknecht retired or got fired, forced to resign. Something. It left someone to walk all the way up on that big fucking Ivory tower of morality and everything good that’s at the Omaha World Herald because that’s where the typewriter is. Shatel is too old to do those stairs. Plus, he’s pretty happy where he is.

Send the young kid, the one who wins awards for his feature articles (which are very good and which is why he wins awards).

I have this question. Is the OWH content worth paying for?

Shatel: In 'maddening' loss, Scott Frost's Huskers show surprising lack of progress in year two | Plus |

This was one of the most maddening losses you’ve ever seen at Memorial Stadium, and that’s saying something. This has become one of the most maddening seasons you’ve ever seen

Shatel has been writing longer than most of you have been born. This is not anywhere close to the most maddening loss ever. Please believe that and subscribe.

Maddening loss? Terrence Nunn’s fumble against Texas. This IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

HuskerOnline - 10 things we learned from Nebraska's loss to Indiana

Nebraska is a mediocre football team right now. There are flashes of potential, but just as many glaring instances of a team that doesn’t know how to win.

Uh, my dear Mr. Washnut, they’ve been a mediocre football team since the start of the season.

Husker QBs mostly impress, but get beat up in the process
There came a point in Saturday's game, with Luke McCaffrey becoming the latest to join 'the QB injured knee club,' when Scott Frost could only grin and bear the grim reality. With a little bemusement in the heat of the moment, he asked head football trainer Mark Mayer, "Which one of these guys is less hurt?"


This is the reality that Indiana Football is living in after the Hoosiers went into Lincoln and picked up a huge win against the Nebraska Huskers.

In a game that could ultimately be described as the Full Indiana Football Experience, the Hoosiers continued to proved that this rendition is special with a 38-31 win to punch their ticket to a bowl game.

It’s very telling about our relevance that people still enjoy everything about beating us.


It was only 11:00 PM.

Fuck that guy. I’ll put the bottle down when I feel like it or because it’s empty. This is my curse, my burden, and I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.

More germane to the subject - Can we blame Mike Riley?

I have my own thoughts on the subject. We did a post game podcast that largely contained my staff’s points about it. I think. Listen.