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Nebraska Leads Indiana 21-16 At The Half

It’s exciting! It’s nerve-wracking! It’s Nebraska football!

Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The anticipation!

Who would start at quarterback?

It’s Noah Vedral!

He starts the game with a 16-yard completion to Kanawai Noa!

Nebraska 7-0

Vedral leads the first drive and scores the first touchdown on a four-yard run. Vedral was 2-2 for passing for 61 yards and begins the game with a QB rating of 356.2!

Key play: Vedral to JD Spielman reception for 45 yards to the Indiana 6.

Nebraska 7-3

Indiana’s backup quarterback Peyton Ramsey started the game, completing 6-of-8 passes for 63 yards. Nebraska held on third down inside the red zone to force the field goal.

Justus Logan hit a 22-yard field goal for Indiana that was just inside the uprights.

Key play: Ramsey pass to Whop Philyor for 23 yards. This came on a 4th and 1.

Nebraska 14 Indiana 3

Vedral scored a TD from one yard out. Drive lasted 5 plays, 75 yards, in 1:48.

Our beloved Huskers went kaboom wing-zing down the field! Spielman hit Vedral for a big pass play, and the officials added 15 yards with a personal foul hit out-of-bounds penalty. Vedral hit Wan’Dale Robinson who scooted up the field quickly for 31 yards.

Key Play: JD Spielman pass to Vedral in a shotgun version of the Black Flash 41 Reverse for 22 yards.

Nebraska 14 Indiana 9

The Hoosiers are doing a great job of carving up Nebraska’s defense to this point. Four drives and four scores by both teams. This drive took 7 plays, went 71 yards in 3:30. Ramsey scored on an eight-yard run, faking out Nebraska defenders.

Logan missed the PAT.

Key Play: Philyor 21 yard reception from Ramsey to the Nebraska 8-yard line.

End of First Quarter:

The offense looks crisp. Cameron Jurgens looks like a center. Noah Vedral looks like he can run the offense well enough to get Nebraska to a bowl game - if that’s what it comes to.

The defense... well, Indiana’s offense also looks crisp. Peyton Ramsey is 11-13 for 126 yards and has faced nearly no pressure whatsoever.

This will be interesting.

Indiana 16 Nebraska 14

Nebraska was doing a decent job moving on another drive, including picking up a fourth down conversion when Vedral appeared to look to the sideline for a playcall and instead the ball was direct snapped to Dedrick Mills.

Unfortunately (unless you’re a Hoosier), Vedral gave the ball to Indiana as Jamar Johnson forced a fumble. The ball was returned by Shamar Jones 68 yards to the Nebraska 8. Vedral chased down Jones for the tackle.

The next play Ramsey hit Ty Fryfogle for an eight-yard TD reception.

Minutes passed....

Somewhere a dog barked.

Nebraska’s offense stalled, then got bailed out of a 3rd and 13 by an Indiana facemask penalty.

Barrett Pickering missed a field goal.

Indiana’s offense stalled. Really. No, I’m not joking. Ben Stille came up with a sack to force a 3rd and 17 that the Hoosiers could not pick up. It’s the TRUTH!

Indiana punted. Vedral ran for eight yards, fumbled the ball, which Nebraska covered, but Vedral limped off the field. Luke McCaffrey took his place. Nebraska punted.

Nebraska 21 Indiana 16

Things were dark and horrible. It looked like the Hoosiers would go up two scores when suddenly a HERO APPEARED FROM NOWHERE as Alex Davis grabbed an interception bobbled by an Indiana dude. Alex Davis is a defensive lineman. He caught a ball that was in mid-air. Clearly God is on Nebraska’s side.

McCaffrey picks up his first career touchdown pass as a Husker, hitting Noa with a 24-yard pass reception.

It was a 6-play, 74 yard drive that took 1:13. It was decently efficient with Nebraska picking up first downs when they needed them along the way.

Key Play: Davis picking the bobbling ball out of the air for the interception.