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CornNation Loses Your Money: Huskers vs. Hoosiers Edition

Who’s gonna win today?

Nebraska v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mike: Is this going to be the beginning of something good...or the beginning of the end of what we hoped was going to be a promising season?

Uglydog56: Truly this is the crossroads of the season. Really the crossroads was the Colorado game. Now we're going to see if the brakes can keep us from driving off the cliff.

Jill: This is a significant test for the coaching staff. Most of the offensive firepower is injured or hurt. The defense has been exposed. Can this team pull things together and punch above their weight class like we saw in the second half of 2018?

SpartyOnHuskers: It is almost basketball season. It is almost basketball season... Aw, who am I kidding. I was force fed the green and red kool-aid that it would be MSU versus Nebraska in Indy come December (duh, X-mas colors!). This season freaking sucks. Huskers are a rebuilding year for basketball and MSU just lost Langford to put a big dent in national title hopes. I never get to have anything nice as an adult (besides my dog and husband, he doesn’t read these so I’m leaving it in that exact order to spite him).

Iowa (-10) at Northwestern

Mike: Iowa finally broke the 20 point barrier against a Power 5 opponent not named Rutgers last week. While the Iowa offense isn’t very good, Northwestern’s is even worse. Punting is winning. Squawkeyes 18, NW 9

Uglydog56: Hawkeyes win. Our eyes lose.

Jill: Can football end in a negative score? These offenses are, well, offensive. Hawkeyes win 2-0.

SpartyOnHuskers: “I00N” doesn’t have the same ring to it as:

Iowa probably wins in some game you feel asleep in during the first quarter?

Illinois (+9.5) at Purdue

Mike: Who the hell saw THAT coming last week from Santa? Truth be told, the Illini haven’t looked that bad in their last six quarters; they also made the Weasels sweat a little two weeks ago. So let’s make it ten quarters. Santa 27, Boilers 24

Uglydog56: You're going to have to work very hard to convince me that Illinois has found something but Purdue hasn't. I'm still on the train train. Boilers percolate nicely in this one.

Jill: Illinois has played six excellent quarters of football of late. Purdue still has more mojo. Boilers by 10.

SpartyOnHuskers: The beard is gross. Beards in general are gross. I’m still having PTSD from “First and 10 Wisconsin” here, and Illinois /Wisconsin went and did that. Leave me alone here people. There is only so much pain I can take in one sports season!

Penn State (-6.5) at Michigan State

Mike: Something’s not quite right in East Lansing... but the idea that Mark Dantonio is on the hot seat for on-the-field results is insane. Now, their offensive assistants are a different matter entirely. Nitts 34, Sparty 17

Uglydog56: Penn State is impressing me. Those top recruiting classes are starting to bear fruit. While defense wins championships, I don't know if it wins this game. Lions roar.

Jill: Penn State does appear to be a year ahead of schedule. They look solid all around while Michigan State is points-challenged. Nittany Lions by 14.

SpartyOnHuskers: I was figuring we had 0% chance of hanging onto LAZERZ! PEW, PEW!!!!!

given the upset streak... but then I saw the forecast for lots of rain during the game tomorrow and remembered James Franklin is still coach. So... PSU went from 99.99% chance of the win to 88.88% chance of the win in my book. Felton Davis III go-ahead TD will get me through the long winter I guess.

Notre Dame (Pick ‘em) at Michigan

Mike: Weasels. Irish. Uggggh. I suspect I’ll be watching the Nats try to sweep the Astros in the World Series instead. Farting Amish 24, Khakipants 21

Uglydog56: I have no idea how this spread is so close. Notre Dame is going to (khaki) pants the Michiganders. Harbaugh better wear suspenders.

Jill: This is must-see TV - in 1990. The Irish seem to be the better team, but I’ll go with the home team. Mostly to be contrary. Michigan by 3.

SpartyOnHuskers: This is not a “rivalry” game. It’s never been a “rivalry” game. Media need to stop calling it that. The only rivalry here is which program is more hated by the rest of America. Their games against each other have never meant anything and continue to be irrelevant overall. Their fan bases are generally apathetic towards each other. I’m happy they’re “done” playing each other after this.

Indiana (+1.5) at Nebraska

Mike: Sometimes you just got to have faith. Nebraska has had two weeks to think about the turd they dropped in Minneapolis. So which way do they go? North or south? I’m putting my money on not repeating a 2017 debacle. Adrian Martinez returns to the field, the offensive line gets their act together, and Kade Warner gives NU another option in the passing game. Huskers 31, Hoosiers 21

Uglydog56: Kade Warner is going to change things I think. But not enough. I just see opposing teams smelling blood in the water and coming out ready to play. It just feels like the Huskers are going to come out flat and it goes downhill after that. I sure hope I'm wrong.

Jill: Did you know College Game Day is in Brookings (Go Jackrabbits!). The Jacks just haven’t been able to consistently beat the Bison and at the start of the season, I thought SDSU would take a big step back after losing their FCS All-American quarterback. They just plugged in a freshman future All-American (maybe) QB and found a defense to boot. Jackrabbits win the Dakota Marker, beating the Bison 28-24

SpartyOnHuskers: Indiana is probably winning this if Penix starts. #9windiana stays on track.