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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win This Week: Indiana

The Hoosiers are going to head home with a big loss.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Did you spend last weekend wandering aimlessly with nothing to do and no purpose because Nebraska Football was on a bye week?

Or did you use the time to relax and make sure your blood pressure stayed a normal level all weekend long?

No matter how you spent last Saturday, this Saturday you will be cheering on the Huskers to a victory over Indiana.

These are the reasons why:


The Huskers have been banged up this season. The Bye week has given them the opportunity to heal up and refresh.

The players are going to come in on Saturday ready to play and ready for a fresh start.

They have also had two weeks to prepare for what Indiana brings to the table. Nebraska is going to be ready for whatever the Hoosiers throw at them.


Indiana has a strong pass offense that averages 307 yards a game.

It’s not going to happen for them this week. Not if Lamar Jackson, Dicaprio Bootle, and Cam Taylor-Britt have anything to say about.

The secondary has done a good job of defending against big players.

If you happened to catch Ranchbabe’s Numbers Statistics and Lies from this week, you will notice in her fancy graphs that the pass defense isn’t giving up much yardage.

The secondary is going to come through for the Huskers this week.


News broke this week that Maurice Washington is not currently a member of the Husker Football team.

As Mo has shown how great he can be on the field, this seems like it is a devastating loss to the offense. It might not be though. Washington has had legal troubles since before he arrived on campus. He was also suspended for the first half of the Northwestern game for not following team rules.

It’s difficult to get an offense to click when one of their star players is inconsistent in showing up for practices and isn’t putting the team first.

The team will be a lot more focused this week, as now they know that the players on the field are the ones that are buying in to what the coaches are trying to do.

This newfound focus will make this a solid win for the Huskers.


Nebraska’s starting place kicker has been out due to injury all season long. He is back on the depth chart this week.

While others have stepped up to try and help the Huskers when in need, thank you Lane McCallum, Nebraska needs the confidence that is added with having an experienced kicker on the field.


After the loss to Minnesota, Scott Frost said they were going to look to younger players on the team to play. This week we have heard from the coaches about several players that we may see getting some more time on the field.

Garrett Nelson has been playing more in recent weeks. The coaches said they were able to give him a lot of reps during the bye week and are expecting to use him more and more in games.

Ty Robinson is another young Husker that could see some playing time this week. He has been working mainly on the defensive line. He has been doing well in practice and could be a big help in a game.

Rahmir Johnson still has two games left this season. He has stated that if they burn his red shirt he is okay with that too. He is ready to play when the team needs him.

If needed we may get to see some of Luke McCaffery this week as well.

The future looks bright and I am excited to see what these players can do in a game.