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Frosted Flakes: What’s the Longest Flight You Have Ever Taken?

Would you be willing to take a 19.5-hour direct flight?

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Photo by James D. Morgan/Getty Images for Qantas

Long distance flights can be pretty crazy sometimes. I’ll be taking one next week from Lima to Mexico City to wrap up my time in Peru and South America. Although that won’t be nearly as long as last week’s 19.5-hour Qantas test flight (!) from New York to Sydney, Australia. Humanity is really starting to push air travel to the absolute limit. Currently the longest commercial flight is Singapore Airline’s route from Newark to Singapore which usually takes around 18.5 hours. The New York-Sydney flight would obviously smash that record.

This news also reminds of the longest commercial flight I have taken, which was a 13.5 hour United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Shanghai back in 2009. This was the first and only time I have flown on a Boeing 747. It was also one of the older 747 models with little fuzzy televisions (and no closed captions) every few rows which didn’t make for a very exciting flight but I hung in there. Although I did manage to survive a 15-hour bus ride in Peru a few weeks ago but I have to thank for my smartphone for that.

On that note, I’m curious to know what is the longest flight you have ever taken? How did you keep yourself entertained? Would you prefer to sit on a 19.5 hour direct fight or break it up with a layover or two? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments! Anyways, onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

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