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Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Kenny Bell - NIL, Twitch, This Year’s Team And That Hit In The Wisconsin Game

I had fun. I hope you have fun listening.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

This week’s episode, I speak with Kenny Bell.

I am assuming you don’t need an introduction to whom Kenny Bell is, but I cover that in the introduction anyway.

We talk about:

NIL - Name, Image, and Likeness - should college athletes be able to make money from themselves?

An interesting perspective on Universities building Taj Mahal facilities versus what the NFL provides.

What he’s doing now - His tough year, Twitch, playing video games, and we talk about that and the fun that goes with it. So you know, “bullet sponge” is a video game term.

His thoughts on this year’s team.

And finally, I ask Kenny this question:

Do you feel you are one of the reasons that the blindside block is no longer legal in football?

It changed the “defenseless player” rule. At the time, I called it the “Kenny Bell Rule”.

He talks about what the refs said to him about that play.

Then he talks about personal foul penalties that were called against Ndamukong Suh and what the officials told Bo Pelini.

Are these all teases?


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There is no transcription for this because the audio is a little suspect at times and you need really good audio for a decent transcription.