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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 21: Fan Night And Frustration

We have actual honest to good content!

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For once we have some good Nebrasketball information for your listening pleasure. Not that we normally don’t, its just getting better and this episode shows it.

Nate went to “Fan Night” last Friday and gives us his thoughts on the players that night along with the fan experience.

Nebraska lost a top in state recruit to the most boring of basketball teams, Wisconsin. We lament this loss and discuss why we think he went to the land of cheese and cholesterol.

Big Ten Basketball Media day and the preseason conference rankings were also brought up. This lead to a conversation over leadership on the court. Then for some reason one of the two brought up Michael Jordan. So that means the other one had to bring up Lebron James. No, they didn’t get anywhere but they both seem pleased with their arguments.

Finally, our Top 5 cities in the world (well, ended up being just the U.S.A.)

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