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CornNation Loses Your Money: Bye Week Edition

No Huskers playing this week, so maybe we should head to Vegas for the Jimmy Buffett show instead.

Margaritaville Casino At Flamingo Las Vegas Celebrates Grand Opening With World Record Margarita Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Flamingo Las Vegas

Mike: Can’t play poorly if you don’t play...

Patrick: Has that been proven Mike?

Jill: Does bye have a mobile quarterback?

SpartyOnHuskers: It is almost basketball season.

Nate M: I think Corn Nation needed a bye week as well.

Indiana (-3) at Maryland

Patrick: I will be watching this game because I have no idea what Indiana will bring to Lincoln next weekend. University of Indiana 32 University of Maryland 30

Jill: I’m curious to see both teams as they are on the schedule for the Huskers and both appear to have serious flaws just like the Huskers. Maybe we should have just scheduled a three-way this weekend and figured out now if the Huskers are a bowl team or not? Terps by 3.

SpartyOnHuskers: It is pronounced “Pen-Icks” FYI everyone. Indiana is a legit good, not great team. Maryland seems to be garbage without Josh Jackson and a “who knows” team with him. IU (their name is ACTUALLY Indiana University) 35 Derps 10

Mike: Maryland looked like they’d be a surprise contender in the east the first two weeks, then went all to poo. And now they have to do it without Josh Jackson. Hoosier daddy this week. Candy Stripes 34, Whacked Out Flag Uniforms 17

Nate M: I think Indiana is going to turn into a powerhouse over the next two weeks. Maryland should be looking forward for an L.

Michigan (+9) at Penn State

Patrick: Everyone is hating on both of these coaches, but I like them and I believe they do a fairly decent job at their respective institutions. It’s a white out for PSU where they hold a 5-6 record. However, they are 2-1 against Michigan in those contests. Pennsylvania State University 23 University of Michigan 17

Jill: I don’t see this one going well for the khakis. Nittany Lions by 10.

SpartyOnHuskers: I hate James Franklin. I hate Jim Harbaugh even more. Obviously, I hate the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor the most. Penn St 38 Fichigan 17

Mike: Night game in Happy Valley? With Michigan’s offense? No, thank you. Nitts 24, Weasels 10

Nate M: Penn State wins by 17.

Oregon (-3) at Washington

Patrick: I have watched a lot of Pac-12 after dark this year and have yet to see Washington play. University of Oregon 32 University of Washington 14

Jill: I have watched zero Pac-12 after dark this year. I think I might have watched each team once anyway. The color clashes between these uniforms is going to be awful. The only thing worse would be if they played on that horrific blue turf in Boise. Ducks by a touchdown.

SpartyOnHuskers: Oregon seems to be generally getting their groove back. Haven’t watched hardly any Pac-12 action, so I don’t actually know. I look forward to going to the game at Washington in 2028, however. I wouldn’t mind returning to Autzen for the 2030 game, either. Ducks 28 Huskies 21

Mike: Oregon could easily be undefeated, aside from a last minute comeback by Auburn. Ducks 31, Huskies 28

Nate M: Oregon is better. Washington is worse. Analysis.

Purdue (+17) at Iowa

Patrick: Murder without an offense in Iowa City. University of Iowa 17 Purdue University 9

Jill: Purdue showed a surprising amount of life last weekend. Won’t matter. The Hawkeyes suck the very life and fun out of football. This one is a 4-4 tie after seventeen overtimes.

SpartyOnHuskers: I was a little surprised how much of a beating Purdue managed out of most of their second string last Saturday. Hawkeyes 28 Purdon’t 15

Mike: Against Power 5 teams that don’t rhyme with Buttgers, the Hawkeyes haven’t scored more than 18 points in a game. Just 33 points in three games. Unless the Hawkeye defense can figure out how to hold the Boilers to negative points, take the points in this one. Heck, Purdue might actually win this one. Squawkeyes 20, Purdue 14

Nate M: I have been a buyer on Iowa all season long. I am a current seller on Purdue. I have a feeling Iowa covers.

Texas A&M (-6) at Ole Miss

Patrick: Collie vs. Land Shark. One is a dog that saves Timmy from a well and the other is a Jimmy Buffet beer. Neither teams are very good this year but I’m going with the squad that has more “talent”. Texas A&M University 31 University of Mississippi 9

Jill: A team I know nothing about from Texas vs a team I know less about from Mississippi. I’ll go with Vegas on this one. Aggies by 8. Why not?

SpartyOnHuskers: Can’t you feel ‘em circlin’, honey; Can’t you feel ‘em swimmin’ around; You got fins to the left, fins to the right; And you’re the only bait in town. Aggies 35 Rebels lost the Civil War and will lose this game too

Mike: I really do appreciate the fact you’re sitting here. Your voice sounds so wonderful, but your face don’t look to clear. Barmaid, bring me a pitcher; another round of brew. Why don’t we get drunk, and let Ben Cotton get a free shot at Tony Jerod-Eddie. Rebs 31, Gaggies 27

Nate M: I’m realizing how much football I have not been able to watch this season. Haven’t heard much about Ole Miss so I’ll just say that they’ll lose by a td.