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Of Bangarangs and Daggers - Episode 23: The Hoiberg 101 Episode

Also Kevin, a.k.a., SpartyOnHuskers joins us to talk Nebraska basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Media Day Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

If you are new to us, we are SBNation’s Nebraska Basketball Podcast! We talk about as much basketball as we can!

In episode 23 we have the third member of our tri-pod on to grill him about his great life decisions, his terrible life decisions, and everything in between. Many of you know him as SpartyOnHuskers. We now know him as Kevin.

Kevin brings a ton of Big Ten knowledge to the podcast which is greatly needed. It is always great to have “an outsider” perspective. Or at least an un-biased perspective of the Huskers. That is of course unless Nebraska plays Michigan State. Then he is definitely biased and we will have to discount everything he says. BUT UNTIL THEN...

We also talk about the decommit of D’Andre Davis. Why? What happened? Who is to blame? We need to blame somebody. That’s how this works right?

Nate also went to a basketball coaching clinic in which Nebraska Coach Fred Hoiberg presented. He tells us what he learned. At least what he is able to say as everything else is super secret.

To end the podcast we celebrate Kevin coming on by doing a countdown of our favorite Kevins. Alive, dead or fictional.

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