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Fan Pulse Week 7: Joe Burrow Helps Move LSU to #2

Three Big Ten teams are now in the top seven spots

Florida v LSU Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

LSU, led by Husker legacy Joe Burrow, (two of his brothers played for Nebraska) made a move this week and pushed Clemson down a spot after a fairly convincing win over (now) #11 Florida. Burrow is now entering Heisman hype territory.

Minnesota made a big statement on Saturday night and voters responded by moving the Golden Gophers from the “also receiving votes” category all the way to #15 after the Gophers rowed Nebraska right out of Minneapolis.

Wisconsin continues to win in very convincing fashion, shutting out Michigan State. That October 26 showdown with the Buckeyes looks like it will be a preview of the Big Ten Championship game in Indy.

One move I don’t understand is Iowa dropping out of the poll after being ranked #17 last week. I dislike Iowa as much as anyone, but losing to a (now) #7 Penn State team doesn’t seem to merit that much of a drop.

Michigan rounds out the Big Ten teams in the poll, dropping three spots to #19 after they struggled a bit with Illinois for a quarter or so, but hung on for a double-digit win.

Also receiving votes:

  • Virginia
  • Oklahoma State
  • Iowa
  • Washington
  • Temple

Another question in the poll asked who you expect to win the Heisman. The results:

  • Joe Burrow (LSU) - 35.2%
  • Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) - 24.4%
  • Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) - 21.3%
  • Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama) - 10.9%
  • Justin Fields (Ohio State) - 6.2%
  • Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) - 2%


Unsurprisingly, Husker fans confidence in the program took a nosedive after getting de-pantsed at TCF Bank Stadium.

This week, 73.1% of Husker fans are confident in the direction of the program, down from 90% a week ago. The low point for the season was after the loss to Colorado, when it reached 70%.