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Nebrasketball Player Profile: Cam Mack

A new lead guard for Hoiberg that will be a big piece of any success the Huskers have.


There seems to be a pattern with the Hoiberg’s roster for his first season in Lincoln: athletic, sharpshooting guard or wing that wasn’t with the program a year ago.

Cam Mack is no exception to that rule.

After committing to Stephen F. Austin out of high school, Mack left the Lumberjacks to join Salt Lake Community College. While with the Bruins, Mack led the team to a 20-9 record and to the semifinals of their region.

The 6-foot-2, 175-pound guard was an All-Region 18 selection and averaged 19.1 points, 7.6 assists, 5.9 rebounds, 2.4 steals and 0.6 blocks per game, all of which, except rebounds, led the team.

His best game of the season was likely his 40-point game against Casper College, where he shot the ball extraordinarily well, going 6-12 on threes.

Due to his dominant season, Mack was a very highly-rated JUCO prospect, ranking as a top-three point guard on all recruiting sites, including a few number one slots. The former three-star high school recruit was originally committed to St. John’s after his lone JUCO year, but ended up following Matt Abdelmassih

Following an academic and medical setback, Mack has joined the team and will likely make an immediate impact.

As far as where he will play out with the Huskers? Hoiberg all but guaranteed he will play one of the biggest roles, calling Mack a lead guard to replace a graduating Glynn Watson, Jr. He even said he’s unlike any guard he’s ever had. High praise from the Mayor.

Mack will likely be handling the offense, which will capitalize on his quickness and playmaking. His nine games with over ten assists shows he isn’t afraid to spread the rock to his teammates.

But if he needs to be the main scoring option? I mentioned that 40-point game. That was one of five games where Mack scored over 30 points.

The up-tempo play will be no stranger to Mack. Hopefully, he gets enough help from Jervay Green, Haanif Cheatham and others around him. If not, we might be seeing some 40-point games for him in a Huskers uniform.