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Friday Flakes: Join Me in the Noah Vedral Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the...

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NCAA Football: Bethune Cookman at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Noah Vedral Pledge: Please Join Me

As a Nebraska football fan I pledge the following:

I shall not overreact if a Noah Vedral offense goes for nearly 700 yards and Nebraska has a convincing win.

I shall not overreact if Vedral leads Nebraska a last minute drive to win a close game against Minnesota.

I shall not overreact if Noah Vedral throws a back-breaking interception and the Huskers lose to Minnesota because of it.

I shall not overreact if a Noah Vedral offense goes for nearly 200 yards and Nebraska loses by double digits.

I shall not overreact...

Sports! What? Yep. Here Are Some Sports!

Hot Reads: Through 6 Games, Huskers Defense Is Executing the Plan | Hail Varsity
Let's go back to the early months of the offseason. Nebraska is already earning some buzz despite the fact that it has to replace a little more than 40% of its 2018 production on offense and defense.

Know Thy Husker Foe: A breakdown of the Minnesota Golden Gophers
Time to dig deeper into the challenge before Nebraska this week. To help us, we asked five questions about Minnesota football to Ryan Burns of He had the answers.

Here's the breakdown of the team the Huskers will see on Saturday night.

Clark serves as host for Nebraska's Florida visitors
Nebraska football is starting to recruit Florida heavy again after essentially coming up empty with the 2019 recruiting effort in the Sunshine State.

Cook Turns up the Heat in Practice as Nebraska Prepares for a Michigan Weekend | Hail Varsity
No. 5 Nebraska suffered its second loss of the season last week in an uncharacteristic fashion, allowing Wisconsin to hit .376 in the Devaney Center.

With two weekend matches, the Huskers have gotten a chance to get back to work on the practice court to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Tom's Time: A Change in Culture as the Huskers Open the '88 Season | Hail Varsity
It was a war of words, sort of, with the renewal of a high school rivalry involving Nebraska’s Broderick Thomas and Texas A&M’s John Roper as a sub-plot.

Thomas went to Houston Madison, Roper to Houston Yates.

Both were seniors and both were outside linebackers. The Sporting News rated Thomas the nation’s best linebacker and A&M’s linebackers as the best group, with Roper the leader.

Steven M. Sipple: Moos' grand visions for athletic facility include a lot of size and tons of history | Column |
Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos has a vision for the mega-football facility that will be a jewel of the downtown campus.

He has a lot of visions for the project, actually.

Sizable visions — literally.

Austin, offensive line work together to solve snapping issues | Football |
Matt Farniok turned a few heads Monday when the junior captain said there was no excuse for Nebraska's continued issues with off-target snaps throwing off the timing of the Husker offense.

Huskers need Mills to bring the thump Saturday – just no sleeves
No sleeves if you want to tote the rock.

That's one of the rules of playing running back for Ryan Held, even if it's in the 30s and there's precipitation in the air that reminds of winter's approach.


20 of the best U.S. state parks
America’s state parks may keep a lower profile than the renowned national parks, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a worthwhile destination. With 8,565 designated areas spanning well over 18 million acres of land, there’s an incredible range of outdoor experiences to explore—including some real standouts that deserve to be on your radar.

Don’t Be Alarmed by Armies of Tarantulas. They’re Just Looking for Love. - WSJ ($)
Pity the male tarantula in October. He’s weak from starvation and desperate for love. The object of his desire lives underground, forcing him to wander around until he stumbles over a female, who may kill him after mating. First, he may stumble into horrified humans.

Snakehead fish that survives on land was discovered in Georgia. Officials want it dead - CNN
Anglers who believe they've caught a northern snakehead should kill it immediately and freeze it, officials said.

The Tail End — Wait But Why
No matter what your age, you may, without realizing it, be enjoying the very last chapter of the relationships that matter most to you. Make it count.

Finally Cutting the Cord: So Now What?

I knew the time was coming but I tried to hold off as long as possible. I tried to stay with Directv but after this past week it just looks like it isn’t going to happen.

We don’t have internet at home, so we are going to have to address that part first. Then where we go from there I do not know yet.

So I turn to you. The Corn Nation community. I obviously want to be able to watch live sports, particularly Nebraska football and basketball, and also have some other options to pick from. I have three young children who enjoy watching the usual kids shows from time to time. We really restrict their screen time but they do enjoy watching those shows.

Also, I like watching the Chicago Cubs play during the season on an almost daily basis.

So Hulu Live? Youtube live? Directv Now? Playstation Vue?

We already have Amazon Prime. Likely, will not be getting Netflix.

Also we currently have a Playstation 3 which we use for current streaming (using our phone hotspots).

Thanks for any guidance.

Best Stuff I Saw on the Internet this Week

Appreciate you all! Get better. Be better. Go Nebraska.