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Pro Big Red: Huskers in the NFL Wildcard Round

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few weeks away.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I’d like to first apologize for not getting an article out last week, I’ve been pretty sick and with a new job and semester starting this week it’s been pure chaos. I’m not going to go back and review what I missed, but I will be doing a very in-depth article about all the former Huskers in the NFL sometime in February. From here on out I’ll only be focusing on former Huskers that are in the playoffs, and I’ll also post this weekend’s matchups at the bottom in case anybody who normally doesn’t watch the NFL is interested.


Rex Burkhead RB - New England Patriots: The Patriots were the second seed in the AFC so they had a first round bye.


Prince Amukamara CB - Chicago Bears: I’m so sorry Bears’ fans. I was rooting for you guys to make it out of the NFC so that was probably the reason they lost. Amukamara only had one pass defended in the wildcard matchup against the Eagles, but he had a pretty costly pass interference penalty that took the Eagles inside the 10. The Bears will be sitting on there couches this weekend watching the divisional round.

Maliek Collins DT - Dallas Cowboys: Collins had one of his better games against the Seahawks last Saturday. He recorded four tackles and one sack. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty cool to see Collins and Gregory talking after a play.

Randy Gregory DE - Dallas Cowboys: Gregory didn't record a sack this week, but he did get two tackles. On top of that he did apply some nice pressure to Russell Wilson.

Ndamukong Suh DT - Los Angeles Rams: The Rams were the second seed in the NFC so they also had a first round bye.

Special Teams

Sam Koch P - Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens played awful for the first three and a half quarters, so Koch was able to get a ton of action, he had six punts. His average per punt was about 45 yards, and he nailed a 59 yard punt as well. The Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs by the Chargers on Sunday.

Brett Maher K - Dallas Cowboys: Maher went one-for-two on field goal attempts against the Seahawks. His successful field goal attempt was from 39 yards out, and he also went three-for-three on PATs.

NFL Playoffs


#1 Chiefs vs. #6 Colts - Saturday @ 3:35

#2 Patriots v. #5 Chargers - Sunday @ 12:05


#1 Saints vs. #6 Eagles - Sunday @ 3:40

#2 Rams vs. #4 Cowboys - Saturday @ 7:15