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Rumors Aren’t Going to Change Bill Moos

Nebraska’s athletic director will continue to interact with fans and treat his coaches the same way he’s done before.

Akron v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

On his regularly-scheduled radio show Wednesday night, Nebraska athletic director said that the rumor mill wasn’t going to change the way he operates. He still plans to be out in the public, having a “cold beer here or there, a cup of coffee or a piece of pie” with fans.

The rumors forced University President Hank Bounds and Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green to issue a statement of support of Moos on Tuesday. Moos talked about his style on his show.

“It’s worked for me for 36 years in the profession — 26 years as an athletic director in Division I. It’s how I operate. I’m not going to change. Frankly, these (fans) don’t want me to. They’ve been starved for this ... it’s how I operate and I think that’s why the president and chancellor were interested in me — among hopefully other reasons — because I can relate to the people and promote our program.”

Moos’ outgoing personality went a long way in calming Husker Nation as Mike Riley’s final Nebraska season swirled down the drain. Even though he wasn’t a native Nebraskan, he spoke frankly and colorfully, making it clear that he was in charge. It’s something that Nebraska fans haven’t seen from their athletic director since the days of Bob Devaney.

Moos went on to discuss other topics, such as Nebraska basketball.

He reiterated his support for Tim Miles, and said that any decisions won’t happen until after the season.

If Moos wasn’t going to pull the plug on Mike Riley in 2017 when his team is getting boat-raced by Minnesota, he’s not going to pull the plug on Tim Miles during the season when Nebrasketball is still projected to be in the NCAA tournament.

Oh, and he’s just as upset about the fact that Pinnacle Bank Arena no longer serves Runzas as many fans. He says that’s a decision by the arena, not the athletic department.