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Nebraska Football Position Breakdown: Safeties

Infusions of Length and Athleticism Should Improve Positional Play

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Note: We decided to do a separate articles for cornerbacks and safeties. Since this coaching staff appears to like having guys that can play both, some of these may be a shot in the dark. Some will likely be wrong. Some will likely change. Perhaps a more accurate description would be, “Everyone who wasn’t covered in the cornerbacks article.”

Coach - Travis Fischer

Safeties - 2018

On Roster in 2018, Based Off of Tony Butler, Marquel Dismuke, JoJo Domann, Cam’ron Jones, Reid Karel, Lane McCallum, Tre Neal, Antonio Reed, Corbin Ruth, CJ Smith, Isaiah Stalbird, Jeramiah Stovall, Eli Sullivan, Aaron Williams, Deontai Williams

Contributors in 2018:

a) Tre Neal: Started all 12 games. 57 tackles with one interception and two forced fumbles.

b) Antonio Reed: Played in 10 games, starting 2. 44 tackles with two interceptions and two forced fumbles.

c) Aaron Williams: Started 11 games. 70 tackles with one interception and three tackles for loss.

d) Marquel Dismuke: Played in 7 games, as special teams and on defense.

e) Deontai Williams: Played in 11 games with a start against Purdue. 23 tackles, two interceptions and two forced fumbles.


Noa Pola-Gates: four star recruit that laid the wood on Wandale Robinson in the All-American game.

Myles Farmer: An athlete that projects to safety whom the staff is extremely high on.

Quinton Newsome: Speed, length and football smarts, all in one package.

There’s quite the upgrade in length and talent represented here.

Safety Summary

Antonio Reed, Tre Neal, Aaron Williams all graduate this spring. That represents nearly all the snaps during the 2018 season. Tre Neal never graded out very high in game play, but was needed to help make the transition to the Chinander defense. Reed and Williams were two more casualties of the Defense Against the Dark Arts assistant coach carousel.

There is plenty of room for improvement in spite of the loss of experience. Now that he’s healthy and the position has opened up, JoJo Domann will move back to safety. CJ Smith was looking great before a season-ending injury. Marquel Dismuke is poised for a breakout. My dark horse is redshirt freshman Cam’ron Jones. Safety play should become more physical in 2019.