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Frosted Flakes: Polar Vortex, Journalists and Twitter, and Game of Thrones Tree

What is muscle memory and which Husker wrestler earned weekly Big Ten honors?

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There’s no school for the ranchhands today because of the cold weather. I could go on about “kids these days” and “when I was young, we swam across the river dodging icebergs to get to school.” But I won’t. Truth is that I’m glad to have them home today.

We are on the edge of the polar vortex. It only got down to -12 degrees for us but it still takes a lot of effort to keep livestock and pets fed and sheltered. As you will find out on Friday’s Five Heart podcast, we were out late last night getting food and bedding delivered as well as fixing wires snapped by cows who decided to help themselves to a few bales of hay. Feed deliveries will continue today - it takes a lot of calories for animals to stay warm in weather like this.

If you can, stay inside and stay warm. There are a lot of people who don’t have that option - electrical linemen, emergency responders, livestock producers, and delivery drivers keeping vending machines, water coolers, and grocery stores stocked. I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten. I’ll be right here, dreaming of the day this summer I complain about it being too hot.

Frosted Flakes

NU swim and dive dominates Illinois in first meet of 2019 | Sports |
After a canceled meet earlier in 2019, Nebraska’s swim and dive team came out strong as the Huskers dominated their first meet of the new year.

Pass-rush search continues for Huskers as OLB target Jordan picks TCU | Huskers |
Nebraska's search for pass-rushing help continues.

2018 position reviews: O-line development under Austin showed
A look back at the Husker O-line in 2018.

Photos: Travel back through time to see every Husker who has played in the Super Bowl | Photo galleries |
Nebraska’s streak of having a former player on a Super Bowl roster (active or practice squad) has reached 27 years. This season, it’s Ndamukong Suh with the Los Angeles Rams

Nebraska Football: Jamie Nance brings explosiveness to passing gameIn
Nebraska football may have a hidden gem for the passing game in Jamie Nance. He is certainly a name to watch in the class of 2019.

Karlis stuns Huskers with buzzer beater as Badgers snap six-game skid | The Daily Cardinal
The Wisconsin Badgers (2-7 Big Ten, 11-10 overall) defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-5, 9-11) in thrilling fashion Sunday with a 70-69 comeback victory capped off by a spectacular finish. The win snapped a six-game losing streak and marked the team’s first victory in 2019.

Taylor Venz Named Big Ten Wrestler of the Week
Lincoln, Neb. – Taylor Venz, a redshirt sophomore for the Huskers wrestling team, was honored as the Big Ten Wrestler of the Week today, the conference announced.

Ohio State's Late-September Trip to Lincoln Could Be Pegged As This Year's Version of the Iowa/Purdue Debacles | Eleven Warriors
Ohio State will head to Lincoln on Sept. 28th. Don't be surprised if pundits have that one circled as this year's version of the Iowa/Purdue debacles.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

All 50 states, ranked by 2019 blue-chip football recruits -

The 50-state-and-D.C. counter of four- and five-star recruits is now updated for 2019, showing Georgia’s continued rise.

No, Nebraska doesn’t have many blue chip football recruits - but you knew that already.

Rob Gronkowski shares the money advice he gives his NFL teammates
NFL star Rob Gronkowski explains to his rookie teammates on the New England Patriots why it's important to manage your money wisely.

Super Bowl 2019: Brandin Cooks arranged for Rams custodian to attend
Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks didn't publicize his act of kindness, but he put the wheels in motion for the

Mo | By Derek Jeter
I had the best seat in the house to watch the greatest closer of all time.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Can you brainwash one specific person with targeted Facebook ads? - Hack - triple j
Want to convince someone but they’re not listening? A startup claims to have the solution: adtech.

Muscle memory is real, but it’s probably not what you think | Popular Science
We all know this phenomenon as muscle memory, but when biologists and neuroscientists study it they mean at least two slightly different things.

Earth’s magnetic poles are on the move, but it’s nothing to flip out about - Science News - ABC News
The north magnetic pole is on the move, but far from being a portent of imminent catastrophe, it’s just business as usual on planet Earth.

Some journalists wonder if their profession is tweet-crazy
NEW YORK (AP) — If Twitter is the town square for journalists, some are ready to step away. That’s happening this week at the online news site Insider — by order of the boss.

Twitter is an archive of the worst of humanity. I filter my Tweetdeck pretty carefully so I see mostly positive, productive discourse. I also schedule my time on Twitter and don’t have it open more than a hour (usually much less) a day. I’ve found that to be very helpful in getting something useful without being dragged into the morass of negativity and echo chambers of manipulative “facts”.

Then There’s This

Iconic Game of Thrones tree felled by high winds
Thousands of houses and businesses were left without power today following stormy weather overnight while one of the trees made famous by the HBO series Game of Thrones has fallen in the high winds.