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Nebraska President and Chancellor Issue Statement in Favor of Athletic Director Bill Moos

The dreaded “vote of confidence?”

Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As reported by various media outlets, the University of Nebraska issued a statement indicating support for Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos.

In a joint statement Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green said:

“In his first 15 months, Bill has done a great job guiding our Athletic Department. He has our full support, and we look forward to his continued strong leadership.”

If one were to tell me that Nebraska issued a statement of support for an employee of the athletic department, I would have guessed it would have been Tim Miles. At this point he is the only “embattled” coach who is currently in the spotlight. Instead, we get a statement in support of Bill Moos. Many fans are likely surprised that a statement was needed. Many believe Moos has done a great job as Athletic Director at this point.

He hired Scott Frost. Good job Bill.

However, there have been rumors swirling around Moos and his job security. Normally rumors are not addressed by the University President and Chancellor. It appears that members of the media issued questions to Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green which resulted in the statement.

I assume there will be more to come.