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Nebrasketball: Ohio State Game thread

Can Nebraska rebound from the loss to Rutgers

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska vs. Ohio State Game Thread

Date: Saturday, January 26th

Time: 11:00am CST

Location: Lincoln, NE


Streaming: FoxSportsGo

Radio: TuneIn

Odds: Nebraska (-7)

Welcome back to another fun filled morning of Nebrasketball. I hope you all have had your oatmeal, coffee, and breakfast Runza as this game could use up all the calories in your system. Hopefully today the Huskers will be able to come back from their road loss to the mighty Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

Yep, I just typed “mighty Scarlet Knights”.

We live in interesting times folks. Rutgers beat Nebraska and Ohio State and those two teams will now play each other.

I need to go meditate for a bit before tipoff. The world is not making sense as it once did.