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Frosted Flakes: Buried By Hackers

Get more secure or get hacked.

messy technology

This week has sucked so far.

I’m not going into too much detail, but I have a site whose Office 365 accounts have been hacked through web access. This occurred because those user passwords were generated with an algorithm that uses a standard format of four characters and four numbers. The key is, apparently, that the four characters are always “pronounceable”, which means hackers just generate a list of, say, 250k possibilities, and then they slow attempt to log into your Office 365 account using known email addresses.

It’s been a mess of changing user passwords and making sure everything is working properly. We could enable multi-factor authentication which requires our users have a phone to which we could send a text message (as an example). Is that fair to our users who are not carrying company phones? Can we do that to them? Not at this point, anyway.

The situation is worse than this, but I’m not going into the rest of the details.

At another site, I misconfigured a mail server, only to be notified by the security at a customer site that it was being used to relay spam. It was a dumb mistake, but somebody out there found it very fast, another indication of just how precarious the situation with security is right now.


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Hiring a ringer (read: Hoiberg or Matta) to improve the program’s on-court performance wouldn’t add up

Interesting perspective. I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with it, but it’s still an interesting perspective. One might imagine Nebraska in this situation were it not for the great attendance at PBA and this idea that you don’t give up just because you haven’t succeeded before.

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Then There’s This

Lunar Eclipse Video Catches Meteorite Hitting the Moon
During the super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse on Monday, cameras pointed at the moon captured the first known sighting of a meteorite slamming into the shadow-covered moon. This 24-second video of the impact was released by Jose Maria Madiedo at the University of Huelva in Spain.

Boeing’s flying car lifts off in race to revolutionize urban travel
Boeing Co said on Wednesday its flying car prototype hovered briefly in the air during an inaugural test flight, a small but significant step as the world’s largest planemaker bids to revolutionize urban transportation and parcel delivery services.

Hijacked Nest cam broadcasts bogus warning about incoming missiles – Naked Security

A hacked Nest camera broadcast the fake warning about incoming North Korean missiles, sending a family into “five minutes of sheer terror.”

I found this quote interesting:

They have a responsibility to let customers know if that is happening. I want to let other people know this can happen to them.

I’m gonna say bullshit . Companies with IoT devices should let customers know, but hey are they going to do that? Did you register your device so the company you bought it from has an email address for you? Did you give them your phone number?

Did you bother looking up support information on the web? Did you change the default password? Did you enable 2FA/multi-factor authentication? Did you see if there were security updates?

There are billions of these devices projected to go online over the next few years. They’re going to get cheaper, and you will be convinced that security cameras will make your home safer, that you really need your fridge to tell you when you’re out of milk, and that your energy usage will be so much more efficient if you have smart devices controlling your thermostat.

Never mind that you’re going to have more devices controlling your life, what’s really going to happen is hacking is going to get much worse. All of these devices will become nothing more than attack vectors for hackers. More bank accounts will be stolen, more of your money gone.

You need to start enabling 2FA on your personal accounts, like Facebook. 2FA is a pain in the ass, yes, but it’s not as big a pain as having your account stolen. You need to change default passwords on any device you install in your home. You need to use different passwords when you use different accounts.

When I tell this to people, I commonly get the response, “I can’t remember all these passwords.”


You can remember what’s important to you. What you’re saying is that this isn’t important to you. Until your credit card is stolen. Or some guy is calling you on the phone, telling you you need to go to Walgreens, purchase four $100 Google Play cards and read him the numbers on them (this happened to my neighbor within the past couple weeks - he hung up the phone, came over and started frantically banging on our door asking for help).

If you don’t start doing this, your shit will be stolen.