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Frosted Flakes : A Date That Lives In Husker Lore

January 2 is the anniversary of the “The Decision” to go for two at the 1984 Orange Bowl

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Tom Osborne Statue

Do you remember 1984?

Even if you were not alive at that time, most Husker fans have heard about the January 2, 1984 Orange Bowl. The 1983 Cornhuskers, led by Tom Osborne and the “Scoring Explosion” were ranked #1 and favored over the Miami Hurricanes. Win, and Osborne was assured of his first national championship.

However, Miami raced to a 17 point lead after one quarter. The Huskers fought back in the second quarter and the score was 17-14 in favor of Miami at halfime.

The Huskers would tie it up in the third quarter at 17-17 before Miami tacked on two more touchdowns to take a 31-17 lead into the fourth quarter. The Huskers scored early in the fourth to cut the lead to 31-24.

You know the rest, right?

The Huskers fought their way to the end zone, scoring on a fourth and eight play with 48 seconds left in the game. Rather than kick the extra point and likely end the game with a tie, Osborne decided there was only one way he wanted a national championship. With a win.

The two point conversion attempt fell incomplete and Miami was named national champions. Osborne’s decision is still discussed as among the gutsiest, most admired decisions in all of college football.

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Frosted Flakes

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