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Writers Wanted at Corn Nation

We are looking for a few good scribes

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Are you interested in Husker athletics?

Do you like to write?

Do you think you like to write?

Do you think you can do better than the writers currently on the Corn Nation staff?

If so, then we might be interested in your services. We here at Corn Nation are currently looking for a few new writers. The amount of time this will take depends upon the season and the amount of other writers who are also working on the sport at hand.

We are looking for anyone who is interested in following and writing about Husker athletics:

  • Volleyball
  • Men’s basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Football recruiting

Please send and email with resume to Give a brief explanation on what sport or area you would like to cover and why. Include any experience you have and why you might be a good fit. We are a jolly and yet somewhat dysfunctional group but we all get along fairly well. So, if you are interested then please apply today and hopefully you will become apart of this ragtag group of part time bloggers.