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Friday Flakes: Nebraska Died By The Three Against Michigan State

Big opportunity lost for the Huskers

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It might be a cliche at this point, but if you live by the three then you will also die by the three. Last night Nebraska died by the three. Too often this basketball team relies on taking the outside shot instead of looking inside. Too many contested three point shots lead to a number like last night.


That is what Nebraska shot free beyond the arc. Compare that to 33.3% against Indiana, 39.4% against Penn State and 44.4% against Oklahoma State.




When shooting 19.2% from three against the number six team in the country, Nebraska was there at the end to win the game. If you would have told me that Nebraska would go 5 for 26 from the three against Michigan State, then I would have said we lost by 15.

Nebraska didn’t. They only lost by six.

But they still lost. So whatever I guess.

On to the flakes...

Husker Sports - Huskers finish with four recruits in the final Rivals250
Nebraska's strong finish to the 2019 recruiting cycle continues.

Another 2021 QB visit for Huskers on Tuesday - 24/7
With a QB already on campus from this class, Nebraska quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco continues to work ahead and explore options for 2021 quarterback recruits.

A day after being in Houston to see Dematrius Davis, Verduzco is checking in on Tuesday to see dual-threat quarterback Ian Kipp out of Mentor, Ohio.

Michigan State basketball: Cassius Winston broke Nebraska's spirit
If Mike Garland had just answered the question, I really would have had a story.

“How would you defend Cassius Winston?” I asked Michigan State’s long-time assistant coach Thursday night.

Michigan State basketball wins at Nebraska: 3 quick takes from Couch
If there was another team in the Big Ten that would definitely challenge Michigan State — other than Michigan — Nebraska was it. Thursday night was it, MSU’s meeting with the Huskers in Lincoln.

The Spartans were again down two mainstays from their rotation, playing against a gifted starting five, in a venue that was just waiting to blow the roof off.

Steven M. Sipple: Some unsolicited advice for Husker hoops fans: Stay off the roller coaster | Column |
As the Michigan State-Nebraska men's basketball game slid into the final seven minutes or so, it all started to feel a bit too predictable.

Non-Husker Sports

Bears coach Matt Nagy not happy Cody Parkey talking about miss on TV
Bears kicker Cody Parkey's days in Chicago may be numbered.

Head coach Matt Nagy expressed disapproval on Monday with Parkey's decision to appear as a guest on a network morning show a mere five days after he missed a potentially game-winning 43-yard field goal attempt in Chicago's 16-15 playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

All about offense: For first time, NFL's top 4 offenses all advance to conference championships
The NFL in 2019 is not what is used to be.

Where the adage of “defense wins championships” is a tired one, it has often held true in the modern NFL.

Inside Tony Parker's departure from the Spurs
Tony Parker never really wanted to leave the Spurs, and the franchise never thought he would. So how in the world did he end up on the Hornets?

Todd Marinovich: After drug abuse, ex-QB confronts father, upbringing |
He was “the test-tube QB” the first half of his life, a drug addict since. Closing in on 50, the former USC and Raiders quarterback is struggling to come to terms with his raging beast of a father—and the big lie that he only now can share

Adam Gase simply appears uncomfortable in certain situations - The San Diego Union-Tribune
A review of video and reports recently in New York and previously in Miami appears to show Gase’s behavior simply is a manifestation of being uncomfortable in a position and nothing to do with drugs or his mental status being altered.

Turkey seeking warrant for Enes Kanter of New York Knicks
Turkish prosecutors are seeking an international arrest warrant for New York Knicks center Enes Kanter, accusing him of membership in a terror organization.

What is the NCAA transfer portal anyway, and is it a good thing?
The transfer portal should be a positive thing, but leaks are undermining the NCAA's good intentions.


Why Omaha, Nebraska Might Be the Best Place to Eat in America Right Now | Livability
Yes, you read that right: creative chefs and local foodies have transformed Omaha into an unlikely culinary capital. Here's a peek inside the kitchen.

Muslim imam stops potentially devastating attack on Coptic church--Aleteia
Christmas could have been, as in previous years in Egypt, tragically sad for Coptic Christians, were it not for a quick-acting Muslim cleric.

If You're Missing a Colossal Disk of Ice, This City in Maine Definitely Found It
This week in the city of Westbrook, Maine, a huge, rotating circle of ice formed on the Presumpscot River. While it seems like it could be an omen of the impending apocalypse or a particularly low-effort attempt at a crop circle by extraterrestrials, in reality it appears to be another example of a natural yet rare phenomenon resulting from some simple physics.

My Favorite Movies of 2018

I did not get to see as many movies in 2018 as I would have hoped. However of the movies I watched here are my Top 5

  1. A Quiet Place
  2. Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse
  3. Upgrade
  4. You Were Never Really Here
  5. Black Panther

I made a list of the movies I still would like to see from 2018, and here they are: A Star is Born, Blackkklansman, Greenbook, Birdbox, Creed 2, Game Night, Ralph Breaks the Internet, First Man, Overlord, Crazy Rich Asians, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, First Reformed, Bumblebee, Eighth Grade, Paddington 2, and Vice.

I Have A Marvel Universe Question

So below is the new Spider-man: Far From Home trailer. I have a question, but in order to ask it I will be spoiling Avengers: Infinity War. So if you have not seen Infinity War then maybe scroll past this section of Friday Flakes.

Okay. Now here is the spoiler. Spider-man dies in Infinity War.

Now, we know Avengers: End Game is coming out on April 26th. I assume that all of the Avengers will be brought back to life by the end of End Game. So then they can continue to make more and more Avengers movies.

But at this point either this new Spiderman movie will be set before Infinity War or after Infinity War. If it is set before Infinity War then why even watch? You know he is going to die anyways. If it is set after Infinity War then we know he is coming back (probably because of Ant-man if you haven’t seen Ant-man and the Wasp plus the teaser trailer for End Game).

I know it won’t be released until after End Game, but I’m sure we will find out at some point whether the new Spider-man is set before or after Infinity War before End Game comes out. So my question is...why not just wait and release the teaser AFTER End Game is released?

Maybe there is something I am missing.

Thinking Outside the Box - Basketball

I am probably the only person who thinks this is awesome. I love it when coaches know the rule book so well that they are willing to do something that kind of looks like a violation of the rules but are fully confident that it is not.

The Best Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

Okay. I had three videos. One of that UCLA gymnast, a bunch of kids dancing on a subway and a dog video. I had to scrap all three when I saw this last night.