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Frosted Flakes: Bad Apples, Ugly Jeans and Blood Moons

There’s even some sports-related news too!

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News: Super Moon Frank Becerra Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I was part of a meeting in which the rules for the beef cattle shows at our county fair are being updated. The reason they need to be updated? One or two bad apples.

Most people follow the rules. Most people recognize that this is a freakin’ county fair in which most people are there to support 4-H members and to enjoy being around family and friends. There are no fortunes won or lost at the level of show being discussed here.

But there is always that person (or persons). Most of the group discussing the rules updates last night felt pretty good that they had addressed things we’ve been seeing recently. Most also dreaded seeing the ways in which the bad apples would find ways to get around the new rules.

There are bad apples everywhere it seems. Hopefully they stay out of your barrel, at least for today.

Frosted Flakes

Third consecutive loss leads to frustration for Nebraska women | Huskers |
Some frustration has set in for the Nebraska women’s basketball team as a promising start to the Big Ten Conference season has now been wiped away with three consecutive losses,

Huskers sign #1 JUCO running back Dedrick Mills
The Nebraska football team officially announced the signing of Dedrick Mills on Monday night.

Knuckles, Kubik Named Gatorade Players of the Year - Nebraska Volleyball
Two incoming freshman for John Cook’s team earned big honors after finishing their high school careers.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

2018’s CFB teams whose results most differed from recruiting rankings -
Meet the teams whose performance most differed from where recruiting said they should’ve been.

Nebraska is not mentioned specifically as one of the underachievers, but when you scroll down and look at Bill’s list of all teams...ouch.

You Called A Run On First Down. You’re Already Screwed. | FiveThirtyEight
Establishing the run didn’t work for Seattle in the wild-card round — and it’s not a great option for other teams, either.

Drew Brees turns 40 years old. Here are 40 stats from his NFL career -
Let’s celebrate the big day with 40 numbers from Brees’ illustrious career.

7th grade quarterback offered scholarship by Michigan Wolverines
Isaiah Marshall, a seventh-grade quarterback at MacArthur Academy in Southfield, Michigan, has been offered a scholarship by Michigan, his father said.

The NFL Head Coaching Fraternity Is Getting Less Diverse. Here’s Why |
The new obsession with young quarterback whisperers points up the pipeline of privilege that puts many African-Americans at a deficit from the outset.

I mostly linked the above article because it had some interesting information about Zac Taylor and his life as a kid.

Texas athletics program had over $219 million in revenue in 2018
Longhorns athletics program goes over $210 million in revenues for second consecutive year, with more than $144 million attributed to football alone

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick immortalized in Lego by Mass. school
Boston-area elementary school uses double-sided Lego to create images of Patriots icons Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Sarah Thomas makes history as 1st female on-field NFL playoff game official
Sarah Thomas is the first woman to work an NFL playoff game as an on-the-field official.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

How to watch the super blood wolf moon this weekend | Popular Science
Sunday’s eclipse will be visible throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

Personally, I’m hoping to take the ranchhands out and get some photos of this moon. The reading I’ve done shows that it takes a few settings on the camera I haven’t explored yet. I’m looking forward to a practice run tonight or Thursday (Friday is supposed to be snowy here.)

Climber David Lama Summits Nepal's Tallest Unclimbed Peak
After years of attempts and a partner’s dramatic rescue, David Lama finally made it to the top of Nepal's tallest unclimbed mountain.

New software could crack down on Netflix account sharing
New technology unveiled at CES could potentially put an end to account sharing on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Asymmetric jeans are here and people have taken to social media
Asymmetrical jeans are here and just like their design, people are undecided on how they feel about them. Keri Lumm reports.

Surely someone somewhere has already blamed millenials for these jeans.

Then There’s This

Here’s What Happened When A Man Took A Whole Bottle Of Viagra At Once | IFLScience
A new medical case study tells the story of a man who drank a whole bottle of liquid sildenafil - the active ingredient in Viagra.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!