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Frosted Flakes: Tim Miles Gets to Live Until Thursday

We play Michigan State at home Thursday.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Indiana
Neither of these people are Tim Miles.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I had to get up and leave the TV viewing area in my home at least four times last night. Nebraska dismantled Indiana from start to finish, but all the while I kept waiting for what I thought would be the inevitable collapse.

“They’re just toying with us”, my self-loathing inner Nebrasketball voice kept telling me. I expected the Hoosiers to come back after our beloved Huskers lead by as much as 18 so they could destroy our hopes and dreams worse than if we’d never lead at all.

BTW, Maryland is now 6-1 in conference. You know, that Terp team that everyone was upset about losing to on the road by two points... “youngest team in America, we let that slip away”, yada, yada, burn everything down.

The Big Ten this year is nasty. And weird.

One game at a time.

Fox Did A Nice Bit On Isaac Copeland Before The Indiana Game Last Night

Then after Nebraska throttled Indiana, Fox Sports said really nice things about our beloved Huskers. I was unsure how to handle this. It was as if they were talking about another team. I feel the same way when the Mrs. and I go to a social event and she says, “You were really well-behaved last night.” I wonder who the hell she’s talking about.

This is.... odd.

Maybe this is just what happens when you become a NFL head coach.

But the thread is fun.


Nebraska 66, Indiana 51: Hell’s Treadmill - The Crimson Quarry

Nebraska is now 6-4 against Indiana since entering the Big Ten. Yes, that Nebraska — the state one, with Ben Sasse and third-rate baseball and whatever other shit Nebraska has. The Nebraska that has never won an NCAA Tournament game, the Nebraska where Danny Nee and Barry Collier and Doc Sadler toiled in an somewhere-adjacent purgatory for years. The Nebraska where store-brand Tom Crean is taking a junior-college band of mercenaries into Bloomington and winning on a regular basis.

Indiana appears salty.

Western Hills’ Wandale Robinson receives AP Mr. Football award
Western Hills High School’s Wandale Robinson was a scoring machine who capped his stellar senior season with a 34-point eruption to lead the state. Brandon Smith coached South Warren to a second unbeaten championship season in four years, guiding the Spartans to the Class 5A title three years after they won Class 4A with a 15-0 record.

Langford, Ahrens could be out Thursday vs. Nebraska - The Only Colors
It would be Langford’s fifth straight game missed and Ahrens’ second

Well, Joe Paterno’s son Jay is now a blogger for the Saudia Arabian government -
Jay Paterno has found new work.

TJ Hockenson Declares for NFL Draft - Black Heart Gold Pants
The last shoe to drop

Maryland basketball vs. Wisconsin: Terps collapse, but still win 64-60 - Testudo Times
The Terps let a 21-point lead slip away, but held on for the win in the final minute.

As the 2018 season ends, we enter yet another cruel offseason - Land-Grant Holy Land
With another season behind us, it’s time to reflect, grieve, and move forward

9 thoughts on Trump serving Clemson fast food -
The champs went to the White House three months earlier than usual, where they discovered Big Macs on silver platters.

Donald Trump’s serving Clemson fast food, which might suit players fine -
President Donald Trump is serving Clemson McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and pizza, and that fits with a team tradition.

Purdue Football: Fan Study to be Completed - Hammer and Rails
Purdue has stated there will be upgrades to Ross-Ade, the plan is starting to move forward.

Alabama OL Richie Petitbon transferring to Illinois, per - The Champaign Room

Adding to the line.

Illinois seems to have done well for themselves during the offseason with regards to transfers.

South Carolina football facility has a recording studio donated by Darius Rucker -
Darius Rucker donated it!

Is Kyler Murray a first-round NFL Draft pick? -
The reigning Heisman Trophy winner exploded in 2018, rising from dual-sport curiosity to the top player in college football. Murray proved a worthy successor to Baker Mayfield, slinging 42 touchdown passes in 14 games, rushing for more than 1,000 yards, and leading Oklahoma back to the College Football Playoff in his lone year as a starting quarterback.

College Football Playoff expansion: Why 8 arguments against it are all bad -

Yep. Even that idea is bad.

I sent Matt Brown a very strongly worded email about what he could do with his eight team playoff. Maybe I’ll get fired.

Everyone’s losing it over this amazing UCLA gymnastics routine -
Whoa ...

What’s next for the RB position in the spread era? - Football Study Hall
The inevitable "pass to set up the run" paradigm of the spread offense and the hybridization of skill talent has a lot of ramifications for the RB position in the coming years.

Then There’s This

Boston Children’s Hospital Hacker Gets Long Prison Sentence

A hacktivist who launched distributed denial-of-service attacks on Boston Children’s Hospital and another local facility in 2014 has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and ordered to pay nearly $443,000 in restitution.

“Hacktivist”. Bullshit. He attacked a hospital. It’s really, really hard to feel sympathy for someone like this, and I hope like hell his conviction sticks. Attacks are getting worse all of the time and will continue to do so.

People have to realize it’s not okay to do this. It causes real damage. Hope he spends the decade in jail contemplating that concept.

Courts Hand Down Hard Jail Time for DDoS — Krebs on Security
Ten years may seem like a stiff sentence for DDoS and fleeing from justice, but as the recipient of hundreds of DDoS attacks over the years I can’t say it bothers me one bit — especially considering how few of the anonymous cowards responsible for DDoS attacks are ever held accountable.

Woman drinking wine from Pringles can banned from Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas |

A woman in Wichita Falls has been banned from Walmart after police say drove an electric cart around the parking lot and drank wine from a Pringles can.

Geez... banned? All she did was drive around the parking lot drinking early in the morning on an electric cart. Everyone is so sensitive these days.

I Tried Drinking Wine from a Pringles Can | Food & Wine
A Pringles can would appear to be, first and foremost, a wine disguise — and a hasty one at best. So for my first taste test, I tried pouring the wine in the can unrinsed. Though I expected the results to be gross, only the aroma was really destroyed by that scent of Pringles powder. Once the wine hit my palate, I was startlingly unoffended (all things considered, of course).