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Nebraska Rifle: The Best Husker Team You’re Not Paying Attention To

The rifle team is competing against both Army and Coast Guard this weekend

Jon Johnston

The ninth-ranked Nebraska rifle team began the second half of the 2018 season this weekend in West Point, N.Y. The Huskers faced Army yesterday and is in the process of competing against Coast Guard as I type this.

Huskers Ranked Ninth

Nebraska is currently ranked ninth in the CRCA Top 20 Poll and has maintained a top ten spot for most of the fall season. The Husker rifle team has been a model of consistency over the years and are usually ranked among the best in the nation. Most Husker fans (I’m including myself) only pay attention to sports like rifle every two years when the winter or summer Olympics are on and we check to see which medals the Americans are locking up against the plethora of impossible-to-pronounce countries in Europe.

But maybe we should be paying more attention. After all, Nebraska just increased their all-time series lead against Army to 23-16-1.

THIS IS FREAKIN’ ARMY we’re talking about! The Nebraska rifle team generally beats the best of one of our nation’s military academies.

I really don’t know how rifle competitions work, but count me impressed.

Below is the summary of the match from the Husker athletic department:

The Nebraska rifle team kicked off the second half of the 2018-19 season with a victory today against Army, 4,660-4,652.

The Huskers jumped out to an early lead in smallbore, 2,314-2,302. Samantha Peterson paced NU with 581, followed closely by Hannah Virga’s season-high mark of 580. Emily Cheramie and Bailey Powell brought in 579 and 574, respectively. Kayla Gadeken notched a 566 to round out the Huskers’ squadded effort.

Nebraska fell short of Army in air rifle, 2346-2,350, but the lead from smallbore was enough for the Big Red to clinch a victory. Samantha Peterson and Elizabeth Lorentz were out front for the Huskers with 589 and 588, respectively. Emily Cheramie brought in 586. Kinga Aletto and Kayla Gadeken both posted marks of 583. Despite not being squadded, Maddie Korthas set new season highs in both smallbore (565) and air rifle (586).

The Huskers will take the range again on Sunday at 8 a.m. against Coast Guard. Fans can follow the action on social media (see the bottom of this article).

Nebraska: 4,660
Army: 4,652

Smallbore (2,314)
Emily Cheramie – 579*
Kayla Gadeken – 566*
Samantha Peterson – 581*
Bailey Powell – 574*
Hannah Virga – 580*
Kinga Aletto – 565
Maddie Korthas – 565
Elizabeth Lorentz – 568

Air Rifle (2,346)
Kinga Aletto – 583*
Emily Cheramie – 586*
Kayla Gadeken – 583*
Elizabeth Lorentz – 588*
Samantha Peterson – 589*
Maddie Korthas – 586
Bailey Powell – 587
Hannah Virga – 582

*indicates scores counted towards team score

Fans can follow the action on social media:
Twitter: @NebraskaRifle

C’mon Big Ten Network, let’s get some of this stuff on TV! Surely there are lots of people that would rather watch this than endless replays of old football games?

Go Big Red! Beat Coast Guard! (sorry CGH)