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Friday Flakes: The Curse of Frank Solich and a Zac Taylor Update

Has it been lifted? We sure hope so.

Ohio v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Well this is a new one.

There have been a few highs and some tremendous lows since the firing of Frank Solich. There were multiple avenues of blame. First and foremost was Steve Pederson. He was the one that fired Frank Solich and ended up hiring somebody outside of the program in Bill Callahan. Then there was the Pelini era followed by the Riley era.

Husker fans could pick and choose who was a fault for the two decade downfall of Nebraska football. Even some would say that Nebraska fans were at fault for the precipitous slide.

I felt that at this point we had exhausted all possibilities. That is until now. Maybe my head was in the ground on this but I had never heard of the Curse of Frank Solich until three days ago.

Matt Reynoldson, a sports reporter for KLKN, tweeted out the interesting tidbit earlier this week. He said he was taking a class at UNL. The class was called Ancient Greek Athletics. On that fateful day, Frank Solich’s granddaughter came in to talk about curses (supposedly the topic was in the wheel-house of that class). She mentioned that there was a curse on Nebraska football. It would remain in place until Nebraska had righted all the wrongs in how Frank Solich was treated when he was fired.

Earlier this week Frank Solich made his first public appearance in Nebraska since he was fired. He stood there with both Tom Osborne and Scott Frost. It appears that some wrongs are being righted.

It is possible that Frost knew about the curse? When he said “they better get us now” was that with full knowledge that the curse would be lifted in January 2019? Can we get the Omaha World-Herald and Lincoln Journal-Star to get on this story? This appears to be important.

So regardless of whether you believe in curses, remember that topics like this are great for the off-season. So for that reason I thank Matt Reynoldson.

The thread can be found below.

Zac Taylor Update: Maybe to the Bengals?


But it might be the best job security type job in the NFL. I mean Marvin Lewis had that job for 16 seasons! He was never particularly successful.

If Zac goes there then I think the Bengals will be my second favorite NFL team. I am glad that he isn’t going to be in the NFC North.

From Oklahoma State Defensive Tackle Transfer Darrion Daniels

I like it.

On to the flakes...

Nebraska Sports

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The four-star player, likely to play safety in college, is the top remaining uncommitted recruit out of Arizona.

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When Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles was recruiting Isaiah Roby and trying to sell the 6-foot-8 forward from Dixon on his program, he envisioned Roby using his length and athleticim to make an impact all over the court.

Now 14 games into his junior season with the Cornhuskers, the 2016 Dixon graduate feels he’s finally fulfilling that plan.

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Much of that stems from the Huskers' recent success at the NCAA Championships, where they have finished seventh (2016), sixth (2017) and fifth (2018).

Tyler Berger named USA Wrestling Athlete of the Week
Tyler Berger (Prineville, Ore./Nebraska) has been selected as Athlete of the Week on Jan. 8, 2019.

Berger, a senior and two-time All-American for Nebraska, pulled off a big win over the weekend, defeating No. 2 ranked Ryan Deakin of Northwestern in a dual.

Morgan has confidence in unproven group of Husker receivers behind Spielman | Huskers |
Stanley Morgan is just like you, Nebraska fans, in at least one way this offseason.

He’s not quite sure who is going to step into the role as the Huskers’ No. 2 wide receiver alongside junior JD Spielman when the fall rolls around.

Osborne: Award for Solich may offer 'a little bit of closure' | Football |
OMAHA — If you’re a Nebraska football fan, or even a sports fan in general, it was a remarkable scene:

Non-Nebraska Sports

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Speaking of portals, I tweeted this out yesterday..

The Best Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week x 2

Hope you got a couple laughs. Have a great weekend!