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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL “We Found A Guy Named Buff Spicoli. No, Really.”: The CORN NATION Q&A With Colorado

The only guy we could find to take questions on tomorrow’s game with Colorado was a kid who answered the phone at Colorado’s athletic offices. I’m pretty sure he was stoned.

Nebraska Cornhuskers v Colorado Buffaloes Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Finding someone from Colorado to take a few questions about the game proved difficult this week. Assorted calls and e-mails to media went unanswered. Out of desperation, I called the CU athletic department late yesterday afternoon, knowing most everyone was, like, gone, but hoping to get lucky. On the third try, the phone was answered.

(voice): Hello?

Me: Hello? Is this the Colorado athletic department?

(voice): You are? I think that’s where I am. Uh huh huh.

Me: What?

(voice): giggling

Me: Who is this?

(voice): This is Buff.

Me: Buff who?

Buff: Buff Spicoli, man.

Me: Do you work there?

Buff: No, I do not. But I want to. My parents named me Buff after the Buffs. So, like, I thought they’d maybe give me a job. But every one’s gone. (Giggles some more)

Me: Screw it. I need to talk to someone about tomorrow’s game. Do you know anything about football? Can you answer a few questions?

Buff: No, I do not and yes I will! Uh huh huh.

Me: Let’s do this

How are things in the Pac 12? Do you miss your old Big 12 buddies, say like, oh, Kansas State or those other guys, Nebraska?

My buddies are awesome, dude. We’re going to get totally blunted later and watch Super Troopers. You wanna come? Where’s Nebraska?

Next question.

Other than the 10-4 record in 2016, Colorado has seen little success in football over the past several years. Why hasn’t your program been able to establish any consistency?

(Giggles) That’s a titload of numbers, dude. How do you feel about 420? Uh huh huh huh huh!! Speaking of consistency, we’ve got some quality bud, dude. Good giggles all around.

OK Fine then.

The Buffs opened with an impressive 45-13 win over rival Colorado State. Does this give you any hope for this season, or are you chalking it up to the Rams being a horrid football team?

I have heard of them! They...(thinks hard)..are also in Colorado.

(Slapping myself in forehead)

Laviska Shenault had 211 yards on 11 receptions while KD Nixon added another 112 yards on six receptions. Are these guys that explosive, and the big play guys Nebraska should watch for on offense?

Most definitely, However, QB Steven Montez is the guy who makes this offense go. This is his 3rd year as a starter and he can both get the ball into those guys hands and take off running if they give him too much space. He’s dangerous.

Wow. Well thank you very much for your time, Buff.