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CN Staff Loses Your Money: Buffy Week Edition

These predictions are for entertainment purposes only, as our record last week shows. In fact, it was so bad that some of us are trying some reverse logic this week.

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Mike: After a 1-3 opening weekend, I’d prefer that last week’s prediction thread also got erased from the record books like Akron’s kickoff against the Huskers.

Nate: Don’t get cocky Mike. I went 0-4. I will admit that 3 of my picks were based off of my disdain for the SEC and Iowa. I’m Catholic so I should have picked Notre Dame. But no. Never.

Patrick G.: I went 3-1 last week (Freakin’ Harbaugh) and I don’t even write about football here.

Hoss: Let’s talk so

Jill: Wooohooo! I went 2-2. Don’t worry. I’ll regress to my usual mean soon.

Andy: 3-1 bruh-ther! And sister. Let’s talk talk shit while we can, Patrick!

UNLWiebe: I went 3-1 last week, if Michigan’s offense could’ve done anything maybe I wouldn’t have a 1 in the L column.

Uglydog56: 3-1. I did pick the spread on Auburn-WA. Stupid Miami.

Salt Creek: *checks weather*

Greg: 2-2...But that’s largely because I’ll never predict an Iowa win. Stupid Miami.

Nathaniel: 2-2. my picks should be better this week.

Huskrboneyard: I did not get my picks in last week so I am doing better than everyone here! Woohoo!

Southern Cal (+5) at Stanford

Nate M: Southern Cal has a freshman, JT Daniels, who after one game is looking like a future NFL first round bust. Many had him in the same breaths as Adrian Martinez as freshmen who will make the biggest impact this season. With that said I have a lot of trust in one of the best coaches in college football, David Shaw, that they will use the film on this freshman and make things difficult.

Plus I love how Stanford plays offense. Stanford wins by 10.

Patrick G.: I still have no clue who USC’s coach is. If you put him in a lineup, I couldn’t pick him out. You know what I can pick out? Any lineman who plays for Stanford.

Stanford University 23 University of Southern California 13

Jill: I know nothing about either team, other than Stanford has smart kids who could all be tight ends. USC is perpetually overrated. We’ll go with weird tree scary mascot-like thing 24 Trojans 21

Andy: Did the Bryce Love Heisman train quietly derail after being held to 29 yards on 18 carries against San Diego St.? Did the Aztecs steal the Ampipe’s 6-2 stack defense which shut down Alexander and led to Craig T Nelson’s first of two college head coaching gigs at Cal Poly? No? Ah well, Love gets on track this week. Stanford 27 SoCal 20

Mike: I don’t think Bryce Love gets shut down two weeks in a row, but I think this one is a squeaker. Stanford 23, Southern Cal 21

UNLWiebe: I think Bryce Love is going to have a good game that should put him squarely back in the early season Heisman race. I’ve got Stanford in this one 24 USC 20

Uglydog56: I like tight ends. Stanford wins.

Paul: I hate USC. Trees by 10.

Salt Creek: Southern California is going to win. Take my money.

Greg: If it’s #PAC12AfterDark, does anyone care? I have a zero tolerance policy with USC. I am going with Stanford. Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

Nathaniel: Bryce Love wrecks havoc. Stanford wins. That simple. Stanford 24 Trojans 13

Huskrboneyard: USC made us lose the last time College Game Day was in Lincoln. I am still upset about it. Stanford 27 USC 17

Iowa State (+4.5) at Iowa

Nate M: I will not let my hate for Iowa affect this pick. I will not let my hate for Iowa affect this pick. I will not let my hate for Iowa affect this pick.

Rivalry game and Iowa State is better than people realize. Iowa State wins by 3.

Patrick G.: ¡El Assico! is up on us. When I say us I mean those in the state of Iowa and those in states where you can bet upon Iowa. I don’t care but I hope something interesting happens for twitter to blow up momentarily.

Iowa State University 8 University of Iowa 5

Jill: Most weeks last season, I could soothe my battered football soul by watching the Jackrabbits, since my Huskers were [decides not to rehash 2017]. Instead, I fear that I am somehow bad luck as the only two games cancelled last weekend involved both of my beloved teams. The SDSU - ISU tilt was cancelled shortly after the Jacks gave the Cyclones a false sense of hope by allowing them to score the first touchdown.

What does that have to do with the Iowa-ISU game? Nothing. I just wanted to avoid any actual analysis of Iowa. If “first half vs Northern Illinois” Iowa shows up, then the Cyclones win easily. If “second half vs NIU” shows up, then the Clones will have their hands full. Hawks 9 Cyclones 7

Andy: Iowa is on upset alert for the second straight week after breaking away and escaping the Northern Illinois threat. They will fight off another attempt from the Cyclones this weekend and in honor of Coach Ferentz’ average season record while in Iowa City, we see a final score of Iowa 7 Iowa St 5.

Mike: The ‘Clones are better coached, but Iowa does Iowa better than anybody. I’d love to see the Cyclones win this one, and there are plenty of reasons why they could do it. Better running backs and linebackers, and frankly, the better quarterback. But something tells me that Iowa won’t lose this one at home. Squawkeyes 35, Clones 34.

UNLWiebe: I would love for Iowa to lose this game. It would make my Saturday if Nebraska wins and Iowa loses. As much as I don’t like Iowa State I would love them forever if they started winning every year. That being said, I’ve still got the Hawkeyes in this one. Iowa State just isn’t at the level they need to be to compete for conference championships yearly in the Big 12. Iowa 28 Iowa State 27

Uglydog56: As entertaining as a Cyclone win would, be, it’s about as likely as a cyclone in Iowa. Matt Campbell was on my short list of hoped-fors when we hired the Rilester. His program has a little ways to go yet to overcome a punting-is-winning ball control team. Convalescing children are waved at. Iowa prevails.

Paul: ISU is a doormat for everyone but Kirk Ferentz. For him, it’s a tripping hazard. Clones win 17-13.

Salt Creek: This thing is going to 3OT and then the Cyclones will win. Iowa will complain about player suspensions and doing things “the right way”. And they’ll tell you about their amazing 0.560 coach. Cyclone fans will enjoy the win with a good celebratory bar brawl.

Greg: Football Episode II: Attack of the ‘Clones! BAH GAWD, BEAT HERKY! 31-21

Nathaniel: I’m hoping for chaos in this game as well. 5 Overtimes. Bodies all over the field. Multiple ejections. But Iowa still pulls it out. Pigeons of Iowa 59 Cyclones 58

Huskrboneyard: It is time for ISU to get one in against “the team to the east.” ISU 9 Iowa 3

Penn State (-9.5) at Pitt

Nate M: Another rivalry game. Was the PSU game last week against Appalachian State an indication of things to come? I don’t think so. Penn State has their own slower version of Taylor Martinez (YOLO). Penn State wins by 21.

Patrick G.: Remember when this was a heated rivalry? Me either. I’m not holding Penn State to last weeks hiccup. Or, am I?

University of Pittsburgh 32 Pennsylvania State University 17

Jill: Penn St. got their wake up call and I expect them to be out to prove something this week. I don’t think they are the same team as 2017, but they don’t have to be against Pitt. Lions 35 Panthers 24

Andy: Well, that Penn St defense looks a little less than legendary, but Pittsburgh appears to be their old, boring, mediocre selves. Thank gawd there’ll be plenty of other games to pick from. Statue Worshipping Pedophiles 30 Pitt 14

UNLWiebe: In my college pick’em league I picked Pitt because I think this will be an underrated pick and it might get me an extra point to win the week. A more realistic pick for me is Penn State bouncing back in a big way in this rivalry game. I compare Penn State’s last game to Nebraska’s game against McNeese State. I expect Penn State 42 Pitt 14

Uglydog56: Penn State got shook up by my Mountaineers. They won’t let it happen again. I see it the way UNLWiebe does. Lions win big to try to erase the taste of last week from the mouths of the pollsters.

Paul: I had Penn State #2 in our power poll. This week will show whether that was misguided or not. Lions 31, Panthers 17.

Salt Creek: Before last week I’d say Penn State in a rout. I’m not sure if last week is the team not being awake, or Franklin missing Moorhead more than we know. Give me Penn State in a squeaker on talent alone.

Mike: Last week had to be first week jitters combined with the most dangerous type of season opening opponent: the opponent that looks like a body-bag opponent but can punch up and knock off about half of the Power-Five schools if they aren’t paying attention. Penn State wasn’t last week. They will be against the other school in the state. Nitts 31, Panthers 23

Greg: I was talking to one of my best friends who, like me, is a diehard Steelers fan. Unlike me, his family is actually from western Pennsylvania. And we were just talking about Penn State/Pitt this week, prior to my knowledge of this game being played. He says he will root for Penn State every week, except for Pitt week. For a guy who has had my back time and time again, I’ve got his back this week. Pitt 27 - Penn State 24

Nathaniel: Penn State needs to answer the call after their poor showing last week. The Panthers will be licking their chops but I still feel like Penn State squeaks out another win. Lions 31 Panthers 27

Huskrboneyard: This will be a fun one! I am hoping Pitt has the depth to go all four quarters and maintain any lead they might have. Pitt 30 Penn State 27

Michigan State (-6) at Arizona State

Nate M: Arizona State dismantled a great University of Texas - San Antonio last Saturday. And I might be in the minority that I am excited to see, one way or the other, how this Herm Edwards tenure goes. I’m pulling for him.

Michigan State by 13.

Patrick G.: Herm Edwards is Arizona State’s coach and they’re 1-0. Let that sink in for a minute. Michigan State is still playing like Michigan State so lets go with Sparty on this close match up.

Michigan State 21 Arizona State 14

Andy: Mark D’Antonio cleans up some of the mistakes that made the Utah St game way too interesting and Herm Edwards, armed with his .400 NFL coaching record and lots of inspirational one-liners starts becoming college Herm Edwards. I’m sure when the Sun Devils AD and former agent hired his former client as head coach, he had the university’s best interests at heart. Sparty 33 Sun Devils 17

Jill: The Herm Edwards experiment seems odd, but it could be fun. I expect Sparty to rebound from an unexpected tussle with Utah State. If Sparty comes out flat again, I think all of Huker Nation begins to view that one as more winnable than we thought during the offseason. MSU 24 ASU 18

UNLWiebe: While I’m not holding Penn State to their performance in last weeks game, I am holding Michigan State to its. I’m not sure how Herm Edwards offense is going to look, but Michigan State’s defense struggled big time from the tempo Utah State used and how the Aggies spread the field and used the quarterback run. I expect a close game with a last minute decision like last week. Arizona State 17 Michigan State 12

Uglydog56: Sparty is playing a long game rope-a-dope to control preseason hype. They appear to find just enough to win, as they will all the way to the Conference Championship Game.

Paul: You know that supposed Chinese proverb “may you live in interesting times”? Well, hiring Herm Edwards was an interesting choice by ASU. Everyone not inside the ASU bubble of denial can see the trainwreck coming. Sparty 41 - ASU 21

Salt Creek: Herm Edwards gets the benefit of his team living in Tempe year round while Sparty has to travel into a furnace two hours behind. Give me ASU with the win here.

Mike: I was at that 1996 three-safety buzz-saw and saw first hand before (and after the game) how that campus was primed for the upset. I suspect that Mark Dantonio probably started preparing early for this game, and that was to the detriment last week against Utah State. They’ll be ready for this one. Sparty 38, Sparky 27

Greg: I just don’t know if Sparty is legit. I just don’t see it. But at the same time, Arizona State only played UT-San Antone. NOT TO DISPARAGE THE GOOD DAMN NAME OF UTSA! This will be a close game, but MSU will manage to squeak it out. 31-28

Nathaniel: Arizona State has never lost to a Big 10 team at home. Michigan State wasn’t very impressive at all last week. I think you know where this is going. Sparky 31 Sparty 27

Huskrboneyard: Michigan State is still a good team that went through a lot of growth the first game. MSU 31 ASU 28

Colorado (+4) at Nebraska

Nate M: Alright lets start this thing off right. Colorado wins by 3. I just don’t know what to expect from Nebraska and Colorado at least took care of business against a rival in Colorado State. In the words of the Little Engine that Could.... “I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong.

Colorado by 6.

Patrick G.: And I thought I was the only one who thinks the Buffs can pull this off. I really really really really really want Nebraska to win this one but I think that the extra game Colorado played along with a decent and proven quarterback makes the game in the black and gold’s favor. Here’s to me eating crow on Monday.

University of Colorado 32 University of Nebraska 23

Jill: Wow. We need to have Cobby start making the office Kool-Aid.

As much as 2017 stings, I am not going to pick against the Huskers until I’ve watched the on-field product. Nebraska has a true freshman quarterback. Colorado has a good defensive line. We have no idea if the Blackshirts will find a pass rush or what will happen when the Huskers need to use their defensive secondary depth. Will Kicker U keep rolling after replacing Drew Brown? Was the Buffs’ dismantling of CSU an indication of things to come or just a P5 team noshing a cupcake?

The Husker running game surprises everyone and helps a freshman QB find his sea legs. Nebraska 385 (yards rushing) Colorado -6 (points; don’t ask me how, just go with it)

Andy: It doesn’t appear that bookies were overly impressed with the Buffs opening day win and neither am I. Of course, I’ve never been impressed by Colorado and let me tell you something else about those dirty, rotten motherf-

(deep calming breaths)

Sorry about that. Football only. Let’s stay on track.

OK, a warmup against Akron would have been nice, but it is what it is. Looking at CU last year, they were definitely a team that allowed other to put a lot of points on the board. So were we, but we’ve had a major coaching change and they haven’t. I think the Buffs will be a fine defense for the new Frost attack to cut it’s teeth against.

Our defense on the other hand doesn’t appear to be in for such a break. I think Colorado puts some points on the board...but not enough. Look for NU to take the opener in a very UCF score. Oh and btw, screw you, Colorado. Huskers 51 Buffs 38

UNLWiebe: I have no idea what to expect from our offense. Colorado looked impressive against CSU, but I’m banking on the Rams being horrifyingly bad this year. They let Hawaii score 45 points against them as well, but Hawaii also beat Navy which I wasn’t expecting so again I have no idea. I still think Nebraska has the edge, but I think it will be closer than if it would’ve played last week. Nebraska 45 Colorado 34

This is a buff(er). Would you cheer for a team with this mascot? I thought not.

Uglydog56: Confession: I periodically buff my nails. Speaking of Buffs: Huskers look sloppy, Colorado doesn’t. Perhaps it’s their neatly manicured hands. Bags of piss are part of the school colors for the opposing team. I’m nervous. This feels off. Buffs are coming off a strong performance against lackluster competition. Nebraska’s coming off a losing battle with Mother Nature, who remains undefeated. I guess I have to pick Nebraska, but with low confidence.

A Fuddrucker’s Buffalo Burger

Paul: I honestly have no idea what to expect from this game, other than knowing deep in my soul that Frost is 10x the coach that Riley was and that I despise the Vermin (h/t to Colonel Mustard) with every ounce of my being. I don’t think the cancellation last game will change the anticipation level at Memorial Stadium this week. Add to the mix a long time (hated) rival and the crowd energy will be off the charts. Huskers 38 - Buffs 27

Salt Creek: Jim Levitt was the last good DC at Colorado. He’s not there. Ross Els is Colorado’s linebackers coach and special teams coordinator. Colorado’s “big win” came over the worst CSU team in a couple seasons. Give me Nebraska by 10 in a heart-warming debut shootout for local man Scott Frost and his merry band of misfits.

Mike: Ahh, the Ross Els jokes. But I’m looking at another staff member as the key: NU OC Troy Walters was the receivers coach and recruiting coordinator. He knows what most of these Buffs can do. Last week’s washout delayed the start of this show, and the lightning will be coming out of the north end zone locker room. Colorado looked good against a bad opponent last week; time to put a chill on that. Huskers 31, Puffs 23

Greg: The good news is I remember my prediction. Here’s the thing. I do think that the inability to work out the kinks in Week One is a bigger factor than Colorado not having game film. The fact of the matter is that Colorado State is not a good team. So Colorado beat a not-good team. Nebraska got beat by Mother Nature. But now the excitement, the fire, the JUICE (to quote Hoss) is dialed up to unprecedented levels. The fans will be nuts. The team will be ready. Huskers win 35-24. Good night.

Nathaniel: It’s not that difficult to look impressive again Colorado State. The Huskers will be ready to roll (despite playing Zip last week) and the atmosphere at the stadium should be amazing! Huskers win big 41-27.

Huskrboneyard: The atmosphere will be incredible in Memorial Stadium, nothing that Colorado has had yet this season. Even though this will be the Huskers first game of the season, I expect the growing pains to be over come the second half. Colorado might be leading, but they won’t walk away with the W. The Good Life 45 Mountain People 38