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Colorado Suffers from Mediocre-Program Syndrome

That’s the source of the hate right?

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USC v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

“I’d rather be dead than red.”

That was said this past week by Bill McCartney who is a former football coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. He is mostly known for the “30 for 30” on ESPN titled “The Gospel According to Mac.”

His tenure at Colorado was the most successful in school history as it went 95-55-5 over his 13 seasons in Boulder. It is somewhat interesting that he had fives ties in his tenure while Tom Osborne had one. That one tie actually came in a game between Colorado and Nebraska.

There was a six season stretch in which Colorado was rather dominant across the landscape of college football. So why the hate from Colorado? Is it because Bill McCartney, the best coach in program history, went 3-9-1 against Nebraska in his career?

Probably because no matter what Colorado does they will be always be a mediocre program. You cannot go to Colorado and play big time college football. Don’t take it from me. This is straight from JoJo Domann, a native of Colorado, who currently plays on the Nebraska football team as quoted by Chris Basnett of the Lincoln Journal-Star.

“I got a little backlash coming to Nebraska, coming to Lincoln from Colorado. But that stuff doesn’t really get to me. I came here to play football and play big-time football and win championships, and that’s why I came here,” Domann said Tuesday. “Coach Mac sold everything he possibly could to me, which, any coach is going to do to get a recruit to his school. But like I said, I wanted to play big-time football at a big-time university and see if I could prove myself on the big stage, so that’s why I’m here in Lincoln.”

So what do fans of mediocre programs do when other fans come into their “house?” If Colorado is any indication they must turn from likely decent human beings into hate filled fans who will do anything from throwing drinks at you to slashing your car tires.

They obviously lack confidence. You know who else lacks confidence? Bullies. And ever since Bill McCartney was hired (and maybe before then), Colorado and their numerous fans decided they wanted to be bullies to one of the biggest programs in the conference.

They even won a couple times including 2001 which we all know about. But they still act like a combination of bullies and petulant children. The following has happened since their biggest win in their program’s history in 2001. These two examples both involve Nebraska.

In 2005 the entire Colorado student section was ejected from a game:

Officials ordered two sections full of students at Folsom Field cleared Friday when debris came flooding out of the stands during the fourth quarter of a game Colorado was losing badly to Nebraska. With Colorado trailing 27-3, water bottles and other junk came flying from the student sections in the southeast corner of the stadium.

Then in 2007, from Jon Johnston when he wrote this for in 2008 as the link he cited is out of commission, that:

University of Colorado police reported ejecting more people from Friday’s game against Nebraska than any other game at Folsom Field this year. - 84 total ejections- 57 ejections were alcohol-related - 5 were for throwing snowballs- 3 people were ticketed for underage drinking - 5 people were taken to detox.

One of the themes I heard on talk radio this week include stories from Husker fans about their trips to Colorado to watch Nebraska take on the Buffaloes.

For me personally I don’t have a single event. But I do have my experience from an entire game. My friends and I made the trip to Colorado in 2007 to watch Nebraska but boat-raced. It is safe to say that I have never been flipped off, told to f%^$ off, or been physically confronted more in my life than I was at Folsom Field. I’m not a small guy and the group I was with made the decision that nobody goes to the bathroom alone.

So I don’t know if it started with Bill McCartney circling Nebraska on the calendar when he was first hired, or if it is just a symptom of being a fan of a program that will always be mediocre.

Probably both.

Please Colorado fans, remember how you are treated when you show up to Lincoln this weekend. Hopefully you did not come just to start slashing some tires. We should not have to take our license plates off our cars in our own state right?

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