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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Colorado

Maybe the game will actually happen this week

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Do you know what is worse than trying to find Five Reasons we beat Ohio State in 2017? Trying to find five reasons we beat anybody after having a game that is cancelled. Again we go a week without learning anything. Here’s to hope that the game against Colorado is played.

ONE: Players Appear to be Quite Motivated

Coach Frost said that Monday was the best Monday practices he had ever seen as a head football coach. He was particularly impressed with the practice by true freshman Adrian Martinez:

“He looked like a real guy today, just the way he was ripping the ball today, making decisions, getting it out, running. It was the best I’ve seen him look. I wish we could have seen it on Saturday night, but we’re going to have to wait a few more days now. I know he’s anxious to get his first snaps.”

And to add to this idea, the players had one of the best walk-through’s that Frost has seen as a coach.

The kids really seem to be focused and motivated.

TWO: The Coaches Have Been Through This Two Years in a Row

Hurricane Matthew postponed UCF’s game against Tulane in 2016.

Hurricane Irma cancelled UCF’s game against Georgia Tech in 2017.

Now it was Severe Thunderstorm Akron which, as of the time of this writing, has cancelled the game against Akron in 2018.

Coach Frost mentioned this in his Monday press conference:

“This coaching staff has been through this. We’re snake-bit. I think. This is our 3rd straight year we’ve had a game cancelled. We’re used to dealing with this and we’ll do the best to get the guys ready.”

Well if it means anything, after the game was cancelled last year against Georgia Tech, UCF responded by beating an underrated Maryland team by 28 points.

THREE: Colorado and Nebraska are “something”

Some want to say “Rivals” and some want to say “Filled with Fury Friends.” Well maybe I made up the last one. But either way this Nebraska team is going to know full well what this game is going to mean to their coach.

Coincidence that they have probably one of the best weeks of practice in his coaching experience on the same week as playing an old Big-8 and Big-12 Filled with Fury Friend?

It may be easier to come back to work this week after the debacle last weekend when the opponent is somebody like Colorado and not somebody like Utah State.

So whether we want to call Colorado a Rival or a Filled with Fury Friend, they are something, and the kids know it.

Glad to have Scott Frost back.

FOUR: Bill McCartney ain’t walking through those doors for Colorado.

And maybe they don’t want him to since he went 3-9-1 against Nebraska in his career. Although he is considered to be the best coach in Colorado’s history.

He said this last week that he’s “rather be dead than red.” Well I don’t want him dead. And I don’t want him Red. He seemed to have problems beating good football teams. He’s perfect for a program like Colorado.

FIVE: Nebraska has Dominated Colorado

Nebraska and Colorado started playing in 1898. Do you know who was President of the United States in 1898? You don’t? You are dumb.

(me googling President of United States in 1898).

It’s William McKinley! How did you not know that? He’s known for (reading Wikipedia) leading the country to winning the Spanish-American war and was assassinated six months into his second Presidency.

Well ever since William McKinley wanted to maintain the gold standard Nebraska has been beating Colorado. The Huskers lead the overall series 49-18-2. The Huskers have won 15 of the last 19 meetings, including the last three.


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