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Nebraska Recruiting: A Big Leg Commits to the Huskers! Punter Grant Detlefsen Walks On!

Punting is, in fact, Winning


Big legs only generate one memory by association: The greatest guitar riff of all time.

However, big legged punters DO have souls! And some of them beat HUSKER RED!

Grant Detlefsen, 6-4 210 lb athlete from Lincoln Southeast has been offered and accepted a preferred walk-on offer from the Cornhuskers. First of all, with a last name like Detlefsen, there’s no way he couldn’t be a Husker walk-on. Second, he’s athletic as well. This is a guy that can lay the wood on special teams ala Sam Foltz.

It took me a while to figure out what seemed off about his punting motion. He’s a lefty! We could run the mythical 2 punter formation! And he can hit the corner. There are a lot of beautiful punts that run out of bounds on the 3 here. Iowa lurkers are salivating as we speak.

Getting a talented punter while keeping a scholarship open for another offensive lineman is a recruiting coup by the staff. Detlefsen can also kick off; he’s a leatherman tool of utility!

Welcome to the Husker family, Grant! GBR!