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Post Week 1 Corn Nation B1G Power Poll

Big Ten Football as rated by CN Staff.

NCAA Football: Akron at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Keith: Nebraska is top of the conference due to well, their suffocating defense in a game in which they allowed zero yards. Illinois, Rutgers, and Indiana all are trash. Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State all probably should have lost. Purdue gets eighth because I like trains, and they played a conference opponent. Maryland and Northwestern are high up. Ohio State and Wisconsin look like real challengers to Nebraska. Iowa sucks. Iowa is hot trash.

Jon: Michigan was by far the most disappointing team. Couldn’t run, couldn’t block and their new quarterback isn’t any better than the previous. That has to be incredibly disappointing for them.

Mike: Penn State and Michigan State get dropped for their close calls, while Maryland gets a boost for what looks like a quality win.

Jill: I just guessed. No one in the Big Ten looked like world beaters. Penn State and Michigan State surprised me with their close games against inferior opponents. Maryland gets a boost for killing the “Texas is back” narrative right out of the gate.

Patrick: I wouldn’t sleep on Purdue.

Nate: Gotta win. And Michigan was supposed to have a great defense. Doesn’t look that way. Maryland looks better now with a healthy QB.

Greg: I have Nebraska smack dab in the middle of the pack because we still don’t know what we have on our hands. I think the top two are currently the only certainties we have in the B1G.

UglyDog56: Penn State, Michigan State, and Michigan looked pedestrian in their debuts. I didn’t know what to do with Nebraska, so I put them in the middle. Maryland beat Texas; I almost put them 1st for that. Purdue will rise over the course of the season.

One time note: I’m back in grad school for analytics and statistics, so I’m investigating something...whether previous rankings, visible to a subsequent rater, impact subsequent ranker’s choices. You can see that in the “Diff from average” row. That row, BTW, is the square root of the average sum of square difference from the overall average ranking. This week, I was the first voter, and I had the highest average squared difference from the final average ranking. UglyDog56 was last, and was closest. But the raters between us were kinda random, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.