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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Colorado

Is this technically week one or two?

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Look, I know what everybody is thinking; “not another one of these stupid articles.” One of my jobs here at CornNation is to look at each matchup and assume the worst. Not every reason will be entirely accurate, but I’m looking at this game as impartially as possible. I will be doing this every week. I hope you guys understand I am not trying to jinx Nebraska because I am a life-long Husker fan. This is the only time I will be addressing the writing of these weekly articles. I hope you guys enjoy because hey, anything can happen as we saw last weekend. Without further ado, here are five reasons why Nebraska WILL lose this week against Colorado.

Not Playing in Week One

I think we all saw this reason coming. Every coach, and I mean every coach, says every team improves the most between the first and second week of each season. Even Scott Frost said that in his press conference on Tuesday. I’m sure in Nate’s Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win article he will include the reason that Colorado doesn’t have any game tape on Nebraska. Frost said in his press conference that it might be a little bit of an advantage, but it’s not as big of an advantage as playing a game in week one. I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous about this game because we didn’t play last week.

Mother Nature

I think this reason is also a little bit predictable. I know the forecast right now just says cloudy for Saturday, but hear me out. I am in a weather and climate class right now to satisfy my ACE 4 requirement at UNL, and my professor Adam Houston said that Hurricane Gordon storms will be in Kansas and the southeastern portion of Nebraska on Saturday. He doesn’t think it will affect the game, but with how inconsistent Nebraska’s weather is there will probably be a blizzard in the early morning, Nebraska will experience it’s first Hurricane ever (like the actual hurricane from the sea) at 2:30 and then at 7:00 p.m. it will be 110 degrees outside. In all honesty though, it would’ve been very beneficial for Adrian Martinez to take snaps, throw the ball and hand the ball off in the rain on Saturday. That didn’t happen so Martinez will probably make some mistakes if it does end up raining on Saturday.

Colorado put up 45 on CSU

We’ll be revisiting the defense this week in one of the reasons we’ll lose this game. Nobody has any idea how well the Husker defense will preform on Saturday since we haven’t seen them play this year. I know Colorado State plays in the Mountain West, but Colorado’s offense looked pretty good against them last Friday. Colorado spread the field a ton during that game and I’m already having nightmares thinking about what our defense could look like on Saturday. Frost said in his press conference that Colorado does a lot of the same things Nebraska does on offense so that will help that they’ve been practicing against our offense all fall. Problem is, we don’t know how good the offense is because we haven’t seen them play. Maybe Colorado’s offense is infinitely better than Nebraska’s and its speed is greater than the Huskers. This could provide major problems for the defense come Saturday.

Adrian Martinez

It’s one thing to start as a true freshman quarterback against a team like Akron, but it’s a whole other beast to make your first start as quarterback against a power five team. I expect Martinez to struggle in the first half. He may struggle a little and he may struggle to the point where he throws three straight interceptions in the red zone. His success runs on Frost’s shoulders, who will have to call some good plays to put Martinez in manageable situations to make good decisions. We’ll see if Martinez can live up to the hype come Saturday.

The Buffaloes Want Revenge

I’ll admit this one is a little bit of a cop-out, but it’s hard to think of different reasons Nebraska will lose when they haven’t played a game yet. Nebraska has won the last three meetings and holds the series lead at 49-18-2. I expect Colorado will come into Lincoln and put up a tough fight. I’m sure they heard all offseason how Nebraska has dominated them in the past. Colorado will definitely want to spoil Scott Frost’s actual debut as head coach at Nebraska. I’m sure Colorado fans want this game as bad as they’ve wanted any game against the Huskers in the past and I bet the players know that. I’ll be interested to see how much black and gold is in Memorial Stadium come Saturday.

Let me know what you guys think of these reasons in the comments.