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Wednesday Football Practice Report: Troy Walters and Bill Moos

Nebraska’s offensive coordinator and athletic director spoke to the media.

Akron v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As with past practice reports I do, I am typing in real time. Items in quotes are based on my ability to type as fast as they are talking (which I can’t) and are not exact quotes.

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters spoke to the media after practice today.

He has experience with Colorado’s coaching staff having been there as the Buffs wide receivers coach from 2013-15.

He gave kudos to the Buffalo defensive line. “They’re stout up front.”

He lauded the Huskers for a couple of great practices earlier in the week. “Monday and Tuesday were great, the best we’ve had.” Wednesday didn’t go as well. “I think they were a little tired.”

Coach Walters on the approach to the game. “We gotta run the football. With a freshman quarterback, we can’t drop back 40 or 50 times. “

#RUNTHEDAMNBALL guy rejoices.

More info on the Akron game and potential to reschedule:

My own editorial comment. What would be wrong with Akron finding a hotel in Omaha? Did they look? I know it is a longer drive but it’s all interstate. You just have to be worried about the 10 state troopers between Lincoln and Omaha on I-80 even though you can drive from Omaha to Chicago or Lincoln to Denver and not see a single one. I’m sure that is it. -Nate

Jill’s note (addendum to above). Bill Moos addressed that somewhat and it sounded like the weather and time it would take to move their team back and forth between Lincoln and Omaha were just too much. If I work out the logistics in my own head, I’m guessing the Akron team would have gotten 4 hours of sleep in that scenario.

It sounds like an FCS team is also an option if they fit the requirements set by NCAA to count as a win for bowl-eligibility purposes. A lot of options are being considered for a possible twelfth game.

So everybody wants to know if Akron is going to get PAAAAAAAAAAAID

Well they’re going to get some money at least.

Fans will not get refunds.

So what about a neutral site game? Most people were thinking Kansas City.

Does Moos take a shot at Akron with the following comment? No. Probably just giving information. Which was all appreciated.

Still not sure why they don’t have D’Leon’s cater in food. Yum.

We have to give some kudos to the AD staff who were working their tails off. It sounds like they were prepared to make all the little details happen if Akron had taken them up on the offer for dorms, “The beds weren’t made and the heat wasn’t on yet and all that, but that’s the accommodating piece of this University. We had that all set and could have it done in short order.”

The concessions people had a successful night at Memorial Stadium it sounds like.

Lastly, Moos owned up to the lack of communication that upset a lot of fans and media alike. He knows he made a mistake and will learn from it. Kudos.