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Purdue Leads Nebraska 20-7 At The Half

It’s been unbelievably ugly.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


There’s good news!

Nebraska scored first, as they marched down the field in commanding fashion on a 10-play, 75 yard drive capped off by an 18-yard run by Devine Ozigbo.

It was the first lead of the season for our beloved Huskers.

Unfortunately, due to the rules of the game, Purdue got to have the ball on offense. They promptly ripped off big plays, scoring when DJ Knox ran 42 yards to the end zone to tie the game.

Nebraska’s offense sputtered, while Purdue continued to rip off yardage. Nebraska held Purdue to a field goal after a 40+ plus yard flea flicker put the Boilermakers on the Husker 11 yard line. Spencer Evan hit a 31-yard field goal. It felt like a big win for the Nebraska defense.

Purdue went on a long drive for their third score, going 10 plays for 71 yards. Quarterback David Blough dove the ball in from one yard out for the touchdown to put the Boilermakers up 17-7.

Purdue’s fourth score... Blough picked up a third-and-14 while scrambling with the speed of a crusty old man like me. Purdue picked up another third down on a pass interference penalty. Nebraska finally held on a third-and-two to force a Boilermaker field goal. Evans kicked a 24-yard field goal. 20-7 Purdue.

It has been an ugly, ugly half for our beloved Huskers. Horrible.

But we’re only down by 13 points.

That’s not a lot.