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Five Reasons the Huskers Will Win: Purdue

Grasping at straws? Yep. But here we are.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First: Nebraska had it’s best week of practice since Colorado week

As Coach Scott Frost says, it is the little things.

After everything that went down in Ann Arbor last week, one of the things that this coaching staff continued to harp on was that the prior two weeks of practice were not good. They always had good Monday practices. However, the quality of the practices got progressively worse as the week went on. This was particularly true last week on Thursday when Frost was not happy in his post-practice interviews.

As quoted by Parker Gabriel of the Lincoln Journal-Star:

“We started off the week really well last week and then it got progressively worse on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,” head coach Scott Frost said. “I’m not sure why. Hopefully it doesn’t happen this week. Our best week of preparation was the Colorado game week as a whole. I talk about being better every single day, but we weren’t better in preparation the last two weeks.”

However, after practice yesterday (Thursday morning), Frost had this to say as reported by Brian Christopherson of 24/7:

“Today was a lot better than last week,” he said. “Monday was really good. Tuesday was good. Wednesday was good. We’re practicing well. Sooner or later, that kind of work is going to lead to results. But I’m just pleased that we were better this week than last week.”

Frost liked the “attention to detail” more this week. Finishing the week strong has been a big focus.

So if the quality of practices are an indication of things to come, then we should see the team we saw against Colorado and not the one against Troy and Michigan.

Second: Against Michigan, Nebraska Hit Rock-Bottom According to Coach Frost

From Erin Sorensen of Hail Varsity:

“We’re not ready to beat a team like this yet but the keyword is yet,” Frost said following the 56-10 loss to Michigan. ”It certainly is not going as quickly as I would like but I’m kind of excited because it’s not going to get worse than this.

”It’s only up from here.”

Well then.

Of everything Scott Frost has said over the past week, I think Nebraska fans should hope that this is true. Because if we actually hit “rock bottom” then everything really should be gravy here on out. We will have lived through the worst of it, and can finally start preparing for the best of it.

Is there any reason why we should think Frost could have any insight on this matter?

Yes. Why?

After the Troy loss do you remember what he said? He said things were going to get worse before they would get better.

And boy was he right.

Third: Contrary to all the evidence that is right in front of me, I still believe in our defense

But unfortunately, I think our defense is really going to depend on a good game from the offensive line.


Yep. Stay with me here.

I saw enough in the first two games against Colorado and Troy from our defense to lead me to have some faith in that crew. They give up way too many big plays, but that is going to happen with this defense.

We just need an offense that can get some first downs. Because if the defense continues to be put in terrible field position then everything snowballs and the next thing you’re down 46-0 at half.

In my opinion, this game depends on the play of the offensive line. I don’t have much faith in that unit, but I do have faith in the defense.

Come on O-Line.

Fourth: Michigan showed why it was considered a top 5 defense last week, Purdue does not have a defense like Michigan.

I think we can all agree on this. Purdue lost most of it’s defensive until from the season before and it has been a rebuilding process. They aren’t Michigan.

Michigan made us look inept last week.

Purdue might stop us from scoring but at least we shouldn’t look inept.

That’s an improvement right?

Fifth: Adrian Martinez. He’ll be healthier.

Let him loose.

We need Adrian Martinez to look like his self like he did against Colorado. If we see that Martinez then I am confident we win.

Plus while we lost to Troy, at least we didn’t lose to Eastern Michigan.


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