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CN After Dark - Losing Control

The ugly side of alcohol.

Your second installment of #CNAfterDark is here.

The articles typically will post around 11:00-11:30 pm and will be removed from the front page to create a mystery surrounding this series in this dark time of Husker Football around 7 am.

I want this to take on the theme of fight club as in “You do not talk about #CNAfterDark” unless it is actually after dark and on a CN After Dark article.



We all know alcohol is poison to the body, but the feeling of relaxation along with the social aspect is more than enough to partake. College is a whole other beast when mixing alcohol with carefree attitudes. The stories all seem to be the same year in and year out of people making bad choices that lead to horrible out of character acts. No sober person will swerve to crash head on killing a family but a drunk person could. That person might be the most upstanding individual in the world that has more drinks then they remember and now their life is over.

The recent news and movement over sexual assault has had me really thinking about my actions when I was not in control of my body. Women and men face very different risks when they put themselves into a vulnerable position. Men can pursue an act so in contrast with their entire character and women can be taken completely advantage of. Likewise the other way around, though we only really hear the one way.

Watching people who are completely gone and are vomiting all over themselves is not a way of having fun. It is sad and also hypocritical. I’ve been there and it is not a good place to be.

No one respects a person who cannot control themselves when going out for drinks. There is a strong philosophy existing stating there is no point of drinking unless the point is to get drunk. I could not disagree more and yet a large amount of people have adopted the philosophy.

I remember going to Barry’s once upon a time to find a girl covered in her own puke laying on the stairs with people causally walking by her. She clearly had alcohol poisoning and needed medical attention. I got a employee to call an ambulance and then left it from there. I could only assume people were walking by her because that is what is supposed to happen. Drink until you cannot anymore and whatever state you end up in is what the goal at the beginning of the night is anyways.

Alcohol is supposed to enhance an evening out, but you still have to be able to say no at some point.

I actually had written much more detailed stories here the first draft, but nixed them due to being too controversial. I could not tell them without giving enough detail someone could figure out who or what I was referencing.

What are some good and bad alcohol stories y’all have?