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Frosted Flakes: Hoping For Good Things, Scott Frost Timeline, and Remembering A Good Friend

Maybe this team just needs some good things to happening at the beginning of the Purdue game...

Nebraska v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It seems this Nebraska team comes apart when anything bad happens. We were down 14-0 to Colorado, 17-0 to Troy, and I don’t even want to bring up Michigan.

You could maybe expect the penalties Nebraska has committed based on Frost’s teams past performance. UCF was 117th in penalties last season, but they were a good enough team to overcome them. Nebraska is 124th so far this season in that category.

The killer is the turnovers. Nebraska is 126th in turnover margin, leading only Tulsa, Rutgers (ugh), Connecticut and Utah. Perhaps beating Purdue is just a matter of taking care of the ball and not getting down by double digits at the start of the game. Perhaps our beloved Huskers just need some good things to happen.


It’s clear that the “Scott Frost Greatness” timeline is going to be quite longer than we originally expected. I rather thought we were all pretty rosy about our projections for this season. I didn’t think we’d be 0-3, but it never occurred to me that our first game would be canceled and our backup quarterback would transfer. I put us at 6-6, and now it looks like 4-8 would be an upgrade.

There’s too much to overcome. New coaches, new scheme, new quarterbacks. Third defensive coordinator in three years - I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.

Does it really matter if it takes Scott Frost five years to win the Big Ten West? Or to win a Big Ten championship?

There’s always the chance that we lose the sell out streak if enough people lose interest. I don’t see that happening, but again, nobody saw the worst start since 1945.

It seems to me we’re in for the long haul here. If Scott Frost can’t bring us back to winning, I don’t think anyone can. It’s not like I’m going to stop being a Nebraska football fan, it’s rather woven into my DNA at this point.

At least we can all go to rehab together. On a group rate. I’ve said this during previous seasons, but it doesn’t seem as appropriate as now.

Brian Towle

One year ago we lost our good friend Brian Towle. You can go back and look through the archives and what you’ll find is a man who was not only an avid Husker fan but passionate and loving and sometimes overly ambitious in his writing. I wish he were still here to see the beginning of the Scott Frost era and would’ve gone through the off-season with us. I would’ve loved to hear what had to say about the excitement of Frost coming to Nebraska, and the disappointment of him starting 0 – 3. I know that there would’ve been plenty of ranting.

Whenever I think of Brian I wonder why I’m still here and he isn’t. He had young kids, a wife. The question of “why” is not something I’ll ever get an answer to, at least in this lifetime.

The best thing that we can do is move forward with the knowledge that life is fleeting, the time is precious and once it’s gone and never comes back. We can use this knowledge to better love those around us, forgive those who don’t and keep moving forward in our lives.

By moving forward I mean to keep learning, keep growing as a person, to try new things even though we may not like them, and to have new adventures. It’s really easy to sit at home and watch our screen as a window to the world, but it’s nothing like being out there in real life.

Get moving.


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