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Corn Nation Week 4 Big Ten Power Poll

See how our staff ranks the Big Ten in football!

NCAA Football: Troy at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Jill: The top of the conference isn’t too hard to figure out. Then there’s a muddy middle and a sorry bottom tier. All of my football “analysis” is now going to consist of finding gifs and emojis with which to write each game recap.

Nate: I really wanted to put Nebraska last, but Rutgers makes that difficult.

Patrick: The haves and have nots are in full color this year

Rick: There’s a bunch of bottom feeders in the Big 10.

Mike: After last week, I have to put Michigan on top. And after the last two weeks, Rutgers almost needs to be ranked in the 30s. As for Nebraska, just win baby.

Jon: Huge game for Ohio State - Penn State this weekend. I’d expect OSU to win that. Rutgers is historically bad, even for them. Gee, I guess they’re not alone.