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CN After Dark - Husker Confessions

We’re starting a night club but not that kind of night club.

Clear Night

Welcome to CN After Dark! This all started long ago in the Slack chat banter between all the Corn Nation writers. You see, we all chat and get organized with the articles using the app called Slack. Whenever someone wants to discuss an edgy topic or something that is not considered “professional” then you would wait until dark and preface it was time for #CNAfterDark.

These articles will have that unprofessional vibe of topics and discussions. The articles will post around 11:00-11:30 pm and will be removed from the front page to create a mystery surrounding this series in this dark time of Husker Football around 7 am.

I want this to take on the theme of fight club as in “You do not talk about #CNAfterDark” unless it is actually after dark and on a CN After Dark article.



I wanted to talk about my Husker Confessions. Things that we Huskers do not do better than a lot of other college football teams.

  • The bathroom situation on the North and South side end zones is horrendous. There are no bathrooms except on the ground floor for thirty thousand people. How do we receive so much money every year and not fix this issue?
  • Memorial stadium’s exterior only looks good from the East and West Sides of the Stadium and is pretty ugly from the North and South sides. The renovation of the East side makes it the premier side to take pictures of.
  • I enjoy being at the stadium to watch the game drunk much more than sober. The fans around me are always so subdued in cheering and since I am drunk I do not want to be the obnoxious drunk guy. So I end up not getting to be as rowdy and loud as I would like and eventually just walk over to the East Side student section WHERE I CAN BE MYSELF. I want beer to be sold at the stadium. We are all adults; let us be adults.
  • The tailgating at Nebraska is not as good as it could be. There is a lot more more nowadays with the expansion of the baseball field parking lot, but I have been to Ann Arbor for a game and those guys out tailgate the pants off of us.
  • Our band does the same thing every single football game without fail. We can use a large spice up for the band and up the difficulty. There is no reason why we cannot have something that can rival Ohio State’s band in difficulty of marching patterns.

That’s all I got for now. What are your Husker Confessions?