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Nebraska Recruiting: Visitor Lineup for Purdue Week *UPDATED THUR 6AM*

Who is Going to Realize Memorial Stadium Isn’t in a Cornfield This Week?


Internet browsing has produced an accurate summation of the Nebraska football season thus far:

Well. What is the best prescription for the anger and depression resulting from the worst season start in 73 years? A good healthy dose of optimism from following recruiting! Recruiting news is always positive news! Let’s take a quick look at who is coming to help fix this mess:

Aaron Beasley. This guy is a three star defensive back out of Georgia. Currently a Tennessee commit as a safety, he is being recruited by Nebraska as a coverage outside linebacker, similar to Breon Dixon. Beasley is intrigued by this unique use of his speed and athleticism.

Jameson Williams. Williams, a 6-2 170lb wide receiver, hails from that impossible nut to crack, St. Louis. A four-star wide receiver that would be an incredible addition, he is in all probability going to be a Buckeye. Here’s hoping a dynamite visit opens his eyes!

****Update Wednesday 4:49PM****

Jeremy James is a three star offensive tackle. He, like many recent recruiting targets, is from Georgia. Jeremy is an Ole Mi$$ commit currently, but has been communicating with Coach Austin for awhile now. Let’s see if the staff can flip a pancake(r)!

Nebraska Commit and fellow Georgian Quentin Newsome is making his official visit this weekend as well.

****Update Thursday 6:14AM****

Jameson Williams isn't coming. He's stated Nebraska isn't being considered any longer. He's making his commitment announcement, presumably to Wife Beater State, on Friday.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available. Check back through the week for updates! GBR!