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2018 Nebraska Basketball Player Profiles: Thomas Allen, the new sharpshooter?

Upset with his Freshman season, Thomas Allen looks to contribute heavily Sophomore year.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Allen, the former four-star recruit out of Garner, North Carolina, never quite lived up to his own expectations Freshman year. After averaging only 9.9 minutes per game and 3.2 points per game, Allen knew had he to step up his offseason workouts, especially with the departures of Anton Gill and Evan Taylor.

So far it seems Allen has dedicated himself to carving out a role this season, throwing on 12 pounds of muscle and Tim Miles noting in his press conference yesterday that Allen “has taken on a different mentality this offseason.”

Miles went on to say that he “asked him (Allen) what him what his best games were as a freshman. Allen said Kansas and Michigan.” Miles then responded, “So your best two games were against Final Four teams?”

Those two games also happened to be two of the biggest games of the year, with Kansas playing a huge role in whether the Huskers went dancing or not. Obviously Nebraska didn’t beat Kansas and didn’t make the NCAA tournament, but check out this moment in the Kansas game:

Everyone leaped out of their seats after that, with Pinnacle Bank Arena arguably having its loudest moment of the season. Allen had all the confidence in the world that game, scoring 13 points in just 14 minutes, while shooting 3-4 from behind the arc.

The Question is, how did Allen, a true freshman, score his career high and play his best game of the season against a Final Four team, but not produce in Big Ten play?

Who knows, but if he plays like he did against Kansas most games, he’ll certainly produce for the Huskers, maybe earning himself a starting spot at the shooting guard position. Allen will also have to come in relief for Glynn Watson Jr., so it will be important he can pilot the offense while Watson gets his rest.

If Allen consistently makes his outside shots, this offense is going to be lethal. Watson at point guard guiding the offense, Allen the sharpshooter, JPJ doing his thing, Isaac Copeland and Isaiah Roby doing their thing as hybrid forwards. Should be an exciting season for Thomas Allen.