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Scott Frost’s Monday Press Conference

Frost threw out a lot of coachspeak but did reveal a couple of things

NCAA Football: Troy at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Frost showed up on Monday at 12:30 to ask questions to the media, and the media answered.

Or is it the other way around?

Understatement of the day: “We aren’t a good enough team to spot teams 14-20 points in the first quarter.” - Scott Frost

Here are some notes from the press conference I made while it was going on so don’t take anything word for word.

  • Sounds like practice today was a really good practice. Last week also started off with a good practice but then it got worse and worse as the week went on. Hopefully that does not happen this week.
  • The best week of preparation was Colorado week. So there’s the answer folks. The reason why we looked so improved against Colorado and then looked like a JV team against Troy and then trash against Michigan is because of preparation.
  • Coach Frost Singled out Stanley Morgan, Mo Barry and Luke Gifford as players who are tough and love football.
  • And follows up that there are others but the team isn’t full of those types of guys and that is what they are working toward.
  • In regards to the quarterback, Adrian Martinez is going to be the starter on Saturday. Andrew Bunch was in a knee brace at practice and he said he is just a little sore from Saturday.
  • When asked if he has talked to Tom Osborne after the game on Saturday and Frost did his thing and said that he thinks Osborne fishes on Sunday and Monday and will probably see him sometime this week.
  • Frost said that there’s nobody more frustrated than him on how things have gone, but still knows that things are going to get fixed.
  • On how to fix special teams: “Well fielding punts and not giving up touchdowns on punt returns would be a great start.”
  • Regarding the new game which was scheduled on October 27th, Frost said it was not his decision but that he just wished that Akron would have played them on Sunday. Added that it would have helped the team going forward.
  • Nebraska fans would probably like to see some new guys out on the field but Scott Frost said that they aren’t going to bench guys for making mistakes. They also aren’t going to cuss at them and whatnot.

Now some tweets from the reporters who were there