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Michigan Leads Nebraska 39 Gazillion to Nothing At Half

It’s not good.

He is probably crying.
Jon Johnston

I could give you statistics, but I’m guessing you don’t want them.

Let’s just say that this is a historically bad ass-kicking of our beloved Husker football team and leave it at at that.

I know that this is hard to take.

We had an entire offseason of being fed good news and excitement and Kool-Aid drinking, perhaps stronger than ever, but reality is we are a really not good football team and I’m trying to be nice.

I tried to stay consistent with my message during the offseason that it would take a long time before we were good. The mentality of a whole crapload of guys has to change, and to try to do that during a single offseason is unbelievably difficult.

I can understand why some Husker fans would choose not to watch. This is historically bad football and hard to take.

Keep the faith, though.

Here’s a photo of my dog.