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Frosted Flakes: At Michigan, Go YOLO or Don’t Go At All

and more tales from this past weekend....

Jon Johnston

It will be interesting to see what kind of game plan Scott Frost puts together for Michigan. During the off-season he talked about playing without fear, yet his game plan was pretty conservative against Troy. We had 48 rushing attempts versus 27 passing attempts, and only two of the passing attempts went for more than 20 yards. I understand his belief that his team would block and run the ball better than they did against Troy, but they needed points, and they did not get them.

I’d prefer to see an aggressive, no holds barred maniacal game plan against Michigan regardless of which quarterback starts. I don’t have much faith that our offensive line is going to consistently block the Wolverine front seven, so I’d prefer a heavy dose of screens and misdirection plays, along with some YOLO BOMBS.

Yes, YOLO bombs, because why the hell not.

I don’t have a problem losing by a lot if we’re being aggressive. I’m also willing to bet that I have more faith in Andrew Bunch’s ability to get the ball downfield to Stanley Morgan Jr or JD Spielman than most of you.

Getting to know Michigan’s opponent: Nebraska - Maize n Brew

Nebraska versus Michigan will be worth watching on Saturday

It will be worth watching. I’ve raised three kids who play music. Attending their music concerts when they were in sixth grade was painful. When they got to high school, it became a lot more enjoyable, and at times I was amazed at how well they did.

This game is like that. Our guys are in sixth grade. Maybe by the end of the season, they’ll be seniors in high school. And some might be beyond that.

Michigan-Nebraska recent history: Corn and Blue - Maize n Brew

Thanks to an expanded conference, it has been a few years since the historic giants have met on the field.

You may have forgotten, but Nebraska has a two game win streak going against Michigan. We beat them 17-13 in 2013, and 23-9 in 2012.

I’ve seen articles on the 97 teams... my feeling is that the subject has been beaten to death. I get that Frost was the quarterback on our 97 team, but it’s also apparent we can’t go through life without bringing up the 90s. I don’t care much about our 97 team right now, it has little relevance to where we’re at presently.

Let’s move forward.

Interesting conversation by the BTN guys. We, as Nebraska fans, automatically assumed that because Frost showed up and was a “Nebraska guy” that the players under him would automatically love to be part of the program because “There is No Place Like Nebraska”.

This is a foolish concept. It’s not any different at your workplace, where not everyone on your team, your staff, does what the boss says at an absolute minimum and then grumble about it all the while. It’s a difficult thing to get everyone moving in the same direction and maintain that over time.

I failed to include a few items in Tuesday’s article about my game experience last week. I had a firewall blow up at a customer site (I am an IT consultant for a living) and real life gets in the way sometimes.

After Saturdays’ game, I left Memorial Stadium before processing my photos. I tried to get a feel where fans were at, so I asked a few of them still around their tailgates what they thought of the game. Most were disappointed. They weren’t angry, just disappointed. “It would be nice to have a win” was the overall sentiment.

One guy was completely disgusted with Tristan Gebbia. He went on and on with quite amount of vigor about what a loser Gebbia is for abandoning the team. I pointed out that Gebbia’s father might have had something to do his decision to leave Nebraska. The guy’s response was that his father should have a giant “L” tattooed on his forehead. I wanted to interject and say that perhaps Gebbia made the best decision for himself, but I didn’t want the guy to go ham on me.

I also forgot to include this glorious picture of the pep band from the volleyball game. They look like they had a great amount of fun and the students at the other end were just as energetic.

Jon Johnston

Also, here is a picture of Lil’ Red with proof that not all children are terrified of him. Perhaps you people who think he’s a monster should take it easier on him.

On the other hand... perhaps you think this small child is pointing him out as a demon spawn from hell. That can’t be right, though. Look at all the fans smiling at the little girl - unless of course, they were thinking, “Yes, small child, you are the sacrifice for this evening’s game.”

Jon Johnston

I mentioned the heat Saturday. It was oppressive. At half time, I headed to the press box for air conditioning and water. When it was time to head back down, I went into the elevator with some guys who were clearly military. I stood right next to one of them. I asked him why he was there and he explained he was one of the F-16 pilots who participated in the flyover.

“I’ve flown an F-16”, I said to him.


“I was locked on and hit by a missile which blew my right wing off. The ejection seat didn’t work, the canopy didn’t open, and I pounded on the glass as the plane burned and I fell into the sea.”

He looked around to see if he could escape and realized he’s stuck next to me in the elevator.

“I have really bad dreams.”

It’s true. I have horrible dreams. I’ve been killed in every way possible. That myth about “if you die in your dreams, you die in life” is just that, a myth. I’ve had vivid dreams most of my life and that has been exacerbated by the brain seizure med I take for my brain injury.

Having realized this was a horrible way to start a conversation, I tried to begin again as if nothing happened. As we left the elevator and walked towards the field, I mentioned a pilot roommate who would take me up in his Cessna 172 and then I asked him how one becomes a F-16 pilot.

He didn’t run away. He nicely explained that it requires athleticism and... well, other things. I know this - only the best become F-16 pilots. We shook hands as we entered the field and I wished him good luck. I can only imagine him telling his fellow pilots or friends about some weirdo in the elevator at Memorial.

I could blame the heat, but that would be a lie. I am terrible in social situations, have been most of my life. Say the wrong thing at the wrong time all of the time.

This is why I work in IT.


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