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Pro Big Red: Huskers in the NFL Weeks 1 & 2

All the Husker action from the NFL

New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

3I’d like to start off and say I’m sorry about how late this article is. Usually I’m going to have the articles up on Thursday afternoon, at the latest, but I’ve been extremely busy the past week or so. I think all professors in college think week 4 of the semester is a week to load people up with work. I’ll be honest, the last thing I wanted to do after losing to Troy was think about football. I don’t know how you guys want me to talk about offensive lineman, so I’m just going to talk about former Huskers who had standout performances. Speaking of standout performances, let’s start it off with a guy who I predicted to have a breakout year.


Quincy Enunwa: I got some heat for saying Sam Darnold was a competent QB. I never said he was good, but he definitely looked good on MNF. Whenever he was in trouble he’d look for Enunwa and try to get him the ball. Enunwa had six catches for 63 yards and one touchdown in week one. In week two he had one more reception for 92 yards, but he didn’t have a touchdown. The Jets play on TNF against the Browns.

Rex Burkhead: He carried the rock 18 times for 64 yards last week against the Texans. Burkhead also had one reception for five yards. Week two was a little bit of a disappointment for Burkhead. He only ran the ball a third of the amount of times as he did in week one, and he only ran for 22 yards. In week three the Patriots play the Lions on SNF.

Ameer Abdullah: I’m only including Abdullah on here because he’s my favorite Husker in the NFL and I’m interested to see how this season plays out for him. He was inactive against the Jets on MNF, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have done anything if he was active because the Lions CAN NOT BLOCK. In week two Abdullah was still inactive, but he is now active and ready to roll. I’m not sure how many touches he’s going to get this week, but hopefully he can make the most of them. The Lions play the Patriots in week three on SNF.


Prince Amukamara: The bears choked hard against the Packers when Aaron Rodgers returned from his injury, but Amukamara still finished the game with five tackles. In his second game of the season Amukamara had four tackles and had one interception that went for a touchdown. This was a great pick, and as I tweeted, it felt a little sweeter because it was a gift from Russell Wilson. The Bears hope to continue the success from week two against the Cardinals at 3:25 p.m..

Lavonte David: The Bucs beat the Saints last week in a shootout and David finished with nine tackles. In week two David’s stats were the same as they were in week one. The Bucs have been surprisingly good this year, but the defense has really improved. The 2-0 Bucs (Fitzmagic has somehow made this team impressive) play the Steelers on MNF.

Maliek Colins: Another player who has had identical statistics in week one and week two. Colins had one tackle in week one and one tackle in week two. Maybe this is the week Colins can break out as the Cowboys take on the horrible offensive line of the Seahawks on Sunday at 3:25 p.m..

Will Compton: He had two assisted tackles with his new team in week one, and in week two he had two tackles as well. The Titans play the Jaguars on Sunday at noon.

Nathan Gerry: His official stats say he only had one assisted tackle, but I think he played well. He was almost always near the ball when the tackle was being made. He also introduced himself and said he was from “the blackshirts.” I’m not sure if Gerry played at all in week two because he didn’t have any tackles. Hopefully in week three he can come out strong and record some tackles as the Eagles play the Colts on Sunday at noon.

Ndamukong Suh: Suh had four tackles in his first game in a Rams uniform. After watching the Rams play, this team is a real deal. In week two Suh only had one tackle against the Cardinals. I would love for Suh to get a Super Bowl ring before his playing career is over, and this might be the team he does it on. The Rams play the Chargers for the battle of L.A. on Sunday at 3:05 p.m..

Special Teams

Brett Maher: He missed his first attempt of his NFL career last week. Maher bounced back in his second career game to hit two field goals on his only two attempts as well as hitting two extra points. Hopefully Maher has found his footing in the NFL and continue to hit kicks this week the Cowboys play the Seahawks at 3:25 p.m..

Sam Koch: Even though the Ravens put 47 up on the Bills they still punted five times. Koch’s average punt was 51.4 yards and had a long of 63 yards. Ouch, it’s hard to be a Bills fan too. In week two the Ravens lost to the Bengals and Koch had three punts for 169 yards. In week three the Ravens play the Broncos on Sunday at noon.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to brutus1382 in the comments section from the season preview because he reminded me of three guys I missed. First, Brandon Reilly who was cut from the Bills after suffering from a rib injury early in the preseason. Second, is Niles Paul who wasn't resigned by Washington and got picked up by the Jaguars (he didn’t have any stats in week one). In week two, Paul caught one pass for 22 yards. Lastly we’ve got Zaire Anderson who was cut by the Broncos after losing the battle at ILB.

Again I’d just like to apologize for this article being up so late. I’ll make sure I’m on a weekly schedule from here on out. As always if I’ve missed anything let me know, and also let me know what you want me to do with the offensive line.