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The Morning After: Troy

And a thought about a vocal minority of Nebraska fans

NCAA Football: Troy at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This season has not gone according to plan and ever since the rainout three weeks ago it just felt like the football team and its fan base is in a funk.

Things are tough now, and I’m not sure it is going to get much easier anytime soon.

I am frustrated by the play of the team and the numerous mistakes which has held this team back, but the most disheartening revelation is the lack of “fan toughness.” I know the concept of “fan toughness” sounds ridiculous but it is the best I can do on this Sunday morning.

We know that social media is no indication of reality, but what most of us saw on twitter and facebook from some “Nebraska fans” is actually kind of embarrassing.

There is a difference between being critical of “your team” and abandoning it when things get tough or it isn’t “fun.” Because I know what is going to happen when things get good. Those fans that abandoned ship will jump right back on like you were there the entire time.

So again the vocal minority who are abandoning this team are painting a very loyal Nebraska fanbase with a gross shade of brown.

Nebraska finds itself digging from hole that feels increasingly daunting - Steven M. Sipple: Lincoln Journal-Star

Nebraska football coach Scott Frost wasn’t smiling Saturday afternoon, a day that took a cruel turn for the Huskers. Frost wore a look of pain. His program is in a hole. He didn’t put it there. He’s only coached two games at NU. But he’s in the hole nonetheless. Here’s hoping he retains a sense of humor, even in the wake of a dispiriting 24-19 loss to Troy, the Huskers’ sixth straight loss at Memorial Stadium and sixth straight overall.

Mistakes add up to another loss for a Husker team trying to break bad habits - Chris Basnett: Lincoln Journal-Star

How do you change a culture of failure?

The Nebraska football team is 0-2 for the first time since 1957. There is not an FBS team in the country with a current losing streak as long as the Huskers’ six-game slide.

And the way the Huskers lost 24-19 in front of 89,360 in Memorial Stadium to Troy shows the enormous difficulty in winning when you’ve forgotten what it feels like.

Wins Are Easy to Understand, Winning Remains Complicated for Huskers - Brandon Vogel: Hail Varsity

“I think we’re a better team than what the results say we are,” Nebraska head coach Scott Frost said minutes after the Huskers’ 24-19 loss to Sun Belt stalwart Troy on Saturday, “but that doesn’t matter.”

It’s the only point of view that makes sense in a binary profession. You either win or you lose. Poll rankings, bowl bonuses, championships, none of that is awarded based on projected wins. There are no decimal points in the wins or losses columns –– yes or no, on or off, one or zero, win or loss.

Husker leaders want to set tone to make sick feeling go away - Brian Christopherson: Nebraska 24/7

He answered with one single word, and you couldn’t miss the sickness in his voice.

”Absolutely.” Mick Stoltenberg is absolutely sick of losing, a plague that now stretches back to October 28, when Nebraska football last won a game.

Hundreds of Yards Ahead in the Games, a Half-Yard Short in Practice - Derek Peterson: Hail Varsity

In the locker room after Nebraska’s 24-19 loss to Troy, senior wideout and captain Stanley Morgan Jr. addressed the team. He told them they’re not working like they need to. He told them they’re working hard, but they’re not working like they want to win. They think they are, but the results have yet to back that up.

And some of the players post-game tweets