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Clean Sweep! Tight End Chris Hickman is N!

The Cornhuskers Secure the State’s Borders


Great news from the only state with a Unicameral Legislature!

Chris Hickman, 6-5 205lb tight end hailing from Omaha Burke High School, has verbally committed to the Huskers! Hickman, a consensus four star recruit, was offered by several top tier programs like LSU, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oregon, Ole Miss, and Iowa. He was initially thinking he wanted to get away from home, and was quite enamored with LSU, but when teammate Nick Henrich pulled the trigger for the Cornhuskers, it caused him to reassess his priorities. He started a new dialogue with the Nebraska coaches about where and how he could be used. This resulted in an official visit for the Colorado game. After spending time getting comfortable with the staff and the system, Chris chose to stay home.

Hickman is an outstanding all-around athlete. He has very soft hands, catching everything put in his general vicinity. He has speed for a tight end, allowing him to be used more as an H-back than a true tight end. He played out of the slot and was split out occasionally. He has enough speed to gain separation from any linebacker, and enough size to wrestle down a contested throw from any cornerback. My most hated play is the back shoulder fade, but he successfully brought down many of these. He’s also a guy you can send across the back of endzone on a crossing route, then toss the ball up and let him outjump everyone and bring down the touchdown every time. There was only one blocking highlight, and he did put the defender out of bounds, but I’d like to see more film on his blocking. I’m optimistic, however, because he played defensive end and some linebacker as well. A true all-around athlete, there is also footage of him long-snapping. As the #12 ranked tight end in the country, it’s possible that he’s actually a steal.

Hickman's commitment moves the 2019 class to 23rd, 4th in the B1G. This class is shaping up to land solidly in the top 20. And with our recent level of play, we're going to need it. Welcome to the Husker family, Chris! GBR!